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Surge Protectors

Kathi commented that she does unplug appliances when not in use but she has some places where it’s not practical to simply unplug an appliance.   I had the same problem in a couple of places.  Here’s one of them.  The Cable/TV set up.  This is looking down at the wall socket behind the stand used for the TV.  This surge protector doesn’t have an off/on switch and it plugs directly into the outlet.

The plugs for the TV setup

I’d practically have to stand on my head if I wanted to pull the plug each time I stopped watching TV or to plug it back up.  I had to move a few things in order to take the photo and to change the plugs.

This is what I have now.  I bought a new one.  It has a really nice “off/on” switch and it has a cord.

I raised the surge protector off the floor and hung it from a command hook to solve the problem of not being able to reach it.

New surge protector with cut off switch

It’s actually fairly well hidden behind the TV so it’s not a big eyesore on the wall.  I can easily flip the switch to turn everything off when it’s not in use.  This same idea could be used behind an entertainment center or a heavy dresser where the wall outlet is too difficult to reach.  I’m sure if you think about it you could find a way to put one of these on any inconvenient wall outlet.  A flip of the switch and the energy guzzlers are all turned off.

If the only way you can actually use a surge protector of this type just happens to be where it’s quite visible on a wall then simply hang an empty picture frame around it and call it contemporary wall art.  Say it’s symbolism of your desire to get off the grid when possible.


3 comments on “Surge Protectors

  1. Beth in AZ
    September 17, 2011

    Anita, I do this on my iron in the sewing room. I have the iron and a lamp plugged into it. When its on, the lamp is on. When I switch it off, I know my iron is off. Then when I leave my room for the night (or whenever!), I am secure in knowing that my iron is off. Room dark, all are off.

    • Na Na
      September 18, 2011

      Ooo Beth, I like that idea.

  2. kathi
    September 16, 2011

    GREAT IDEA!!! it still won’t work for my tv set up.. that huge armour has a six foot bookcase on EACH side of it to boot. BUT hmm? i SHOULD do that with this computer set up. I actually LOVE the idea of putting an empty frame over the surge protector. WHAT a HOOT,, yet WHAT a great statement!!!

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