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Energy monitor update

Last month I wrote about my new energy monitor that I called a “house dashboard”.  It was a little expensive for my budget and I bought it anyway.  I’m still excited by it.  I still believe it’s money well spent.

I haven’t zeroed out the dollar amount since I installed it.  It reads $65.65 but that’s got last month’s amount in it too.  I missed the day the meter was read last week.  That’s the day I should have zeroed it out to start a new month.  What I’m really excited about is this .02 cents per hour electricity use.  I have one space heater going.  The lowest amount I’ve seen so far has been .01 cents per hour.   I would love to see double zeros but that’s not likely to happen.

Two cents an hour

This is when my old refrigerator had kicked on and one space heater was still running.  I really should replace the 20 year old refrigerator but there’s just not enough money in my budget right now.  It’s .16 cents of electricity per hour.

Sixteen cents per hour

Out of curiosity I turned the furnace on to see how much electricity it used.  Um…. forgot to take the photo.  It was .31 cents per hour for the furnace and I can’t remember if anything else was running at the time.

I turned on my computer plus one heater to see how much that was costing me.  It jumped to .21 cents an hour.

Twenty one cents per hour

Each night before I go to bed I look at the meter for a dollar amount.  In the morning, when I fix my coffee, I read the meter again.  I can tell how much electricity was used during the night or how much was used during the day.

I have fun trying to see how low I can get the monitor to read.  Each month I’ll do my best to see if I can get the dollar amount to be just a little lower.  No, it’s not easy, but it does motivate me to search out ways to save energy.  Like putting up window quilts and wearing long johns and making sure I turn things off at the surge protector strips.

The dollar amount is only an estimated amount based on how fast or how slow the little black strip revolves around the ring inside the electric meter.  When I first set up the monitor I programmed in the amount my utility company charges per Kwh.  It doesn’t monitor gas usage.  I only know how much gas I’ve used when I get the bill.

Knowing the estimated amount of electricity I’ll be paying for each month is going to be a big help with budgeting.  AND…. it’s fun to see the energy saving ideas I put into use actually making a difference.



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