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All done

I’m still trying to figure out how to make my photos clickable.   The only way I know to show detail is to insert the photos as either large or medium.  I chose medium because it’s easier to write between them.   I do hope it doesn’t cause trouble for the readers by loading too slowly.  I also hope it shows up enough detail of the quilting to be useful.

I did finish the last of the Christmas rush quilts.  This is the first one.  I’ve done several of these just alike for this person.  She must have a lot of friends that golf.

Golf quilt -full view

I did a loop meander on the border.  It represents golf balls flying willy nilly around the border.

Golf quilt – outside border

I did a flying geese pattern on the two inside borders.  You can still see the chalk line I used as a guide to get the points centered.

Golf quilt – inside border

I did a repeat of the border design on these.

Golf quilt – alternate blocks

I did this one next.  It’s all snowmen.  It’s for a person that collects snowmen stuff.

Red work snowman collector quilt – partial full view

I did mittens on the outside border.

Snowman collector quilt – outside border

I did stitch in the ditch around the characters with mono thread.  Then changed thread to a white to do a wind meander in the background.

Snowman collector quilt – red work blocks

I did a “sort of” snowflake design using line dancing on the pieced blocks.

Snowman collector quilt – pieced blocks

I did a simple wavy line on the tiny sashing strips.

Snowman collector quilt – sashing

Here’s a view of the stitching on the back side.

Snowman collector quilt – back view

This quilt was next.  The photos don’t do it justice!  I really hate having to give this one back.  I love it.  Makes me want to create one of my own.

Ice cream quilt – partial full view

I did a loop meander on this one too.  It is simple and festive around the Popsicles.

Ice cream quilt – outside border

I did a back and forth wavy line on the inside sashing.  I was trying not to distract from the ice cream blocks.  I did le lace around the inside border.

Ice cream quilt – inside border and sashing

I did a stitch in the ditch around all the ice cream characters.  I did a meander in the background with mono thread.  I used mono so it would give texture but not  overwhelm the quilt design.

Ice cream quilt – blocks

This is my favorite block.  The fabric looks like fudge ripple ice cream…. YUM!

Ice cream quilt – blocks

Did I mention I really hate having to give that quilt up?  Yup, I did.  Senior memory hazard.  I would love to show many more really nice blocks but I’ll move on to the next quilt finished.  This is the first of five wall hangings for this person’s grand kids.  She asked for only enough quilting to hold it together so I did stitch in the ditch around the characters.

Soccer player quilt

The second one.

Soccer player quilt – 2

The third one.

Baseball wall hanging

The fourth one.

Baseball quilt wall hanging

The fifth one.

Track quilt wall hanging

I can see some very happy grand kid faces on Christmas morning.  The next quilt is this little one.  I’m not sure if it’s a wall hanging or a table topper.

Uncle Sam quilt

I did a straight line design on the blocks of the background and stitch in the ditch around the character pieces.

Uncle Sam quilt – background

Hmm…. I thought there was another one or two I finished?  Maybe not.  If there was, and I didn’t take photos, I’ll show them in another post.

I spent time with family over the holiday weekend.  That was something I haven’t done in far too many years.   The customer quilts always took priority over “me time” through the years.  Being semi-retired allows me the freedom to have a life again.  Yes, my financial situation is stressful.  I’m learning to live with it though.

What will I do today?  So many possibilities!  Should I clean and organize?  Should I do a charity quilt?  Should I spend the day in the kitchen making some ready to heat meals?  Should I work on an art piece of some type?  Oh gosh…. having plenty of “me” time for a few days sure does boggle the mind with possibilities.  I’ll figure it out.  Right now it’s time for another cup of coffee.


2 comments on “All done

  1. Margaret
    November 29, 2011

    Oh!! Super job on the quilts!! I can see the quilting just fine on the green ones!
    I LOVE your blog!! You are always so helpful!!

  2. kathi
    November 29, 2011

    SO HAPPY for YOU that all the Christmas rush quilts are DONE. WHOO HOO.

    NOW it is time to ENJOY life, and the Holidays.

    And hmm, you just gave me some ideas for an embroidered quilt i need to get to. TODAY.

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