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SIL’s quilt

I finished the quilting and the binding on it yesterday.

Nothing fancy.  Simple wavy line panto for the center and a curl vine on the border.

After I finished her quilt I really wasn’t in the mood to start a new quilt project or work on something already started.  It was rainy and dreary.


6 comments on “SIL’s quilt

  1. lw
    December 10, 2011

    Now, that’s different– she’s totally one of your kids. And when someone’s yours, you do whatever you have to.

    It’s a lot easier to understand someone when you get their story. My first mother-in-law was so mean in some ways–she could say the meanest things. Then I found out that when she was four, her father lost at gambling and disappeared, taking all of the furniture with him. Her mother had to rent out the house and she and my MIL lived in a tent in the yard for the first couple of years. Her whole childhood was a struggle and they lived in poverty. The local nuns got her a scholarship to grade school and for ballet classes. Her mother passed from senile dementia in her early fifties, when my MIL was in her early twenties. Her first marriage was abusive. Her second marriage was very happy, and they had a good life. All of a sudden, I understood; I was taking away her son and she couldn’t help but resent me, she had worked so hard to build a stable home and now it was breaking up. It was really easy to be kind to her after I understood why she was acting the way she was.

    • Na Na
      December 17, 2011

      Yes, it sure does make a difference when we know the story behind the behavior.

  2. lw
    December 6, 2011

    The quilt turned out cute– it’s so weird that your SIL doesn’t realize how expensive quilting is– seems like a trip to a fabric store would have solved that. I think I would have given her an estimate for what she’d have to pay me to do it. And asked for half up front.

    • Na Na
      December 8, 2011

      Umm…. let me explain. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh in my post.

      My SIL is a person that requires special handling. I was her care giver for a couple of years during a long major illness. We almost lost her more than once during that time. She has looked at me as a substitute mother ever since she married my bother when she was 16. She lost her own mother at a young age and was raised by her father.

      Charging her for quilting would be similar to charging one of my kids for a quilt. She is also a “show me” type person. In order for her to understand things we often have to show her by example. That’s why I told her she had to make her own quilts. In order to understand the difficulty she needed to experience it herself.

      I do get frustrated with her sometimes but it’s no different than getting frustrated with one of my kids. Still love them anyway.

  3. kathi
    December 5, 2011

    Oh, i LOVE the drain pads. just a quilt sandwich with cotton batting? hmm? GREAT IDEA.

    glad your sil’s quilt is DONE as well. after all, DONE is GOOD, even if YOU ended up doing the doneing. giggle.

    • Na Na
      December 8, 2011

      Yes, they work great. I thought about using terry cloth but since I already had plain cotton scraps I used those.

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