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All satin quilt

The satin quilt is finished.  I put the last stitch in the binding last night.

I didn’t do too bad.  Only a little off from square with minimal extra fullness areas.

I used the Circle Lord clam shell template in the center.  She chose the design because it fit her budget.  I did a leaf and curl design on the outside border to give it a little jazz.   Here’s a closer view.  Yes, there are areas of extra fullness throughout the quilt but those should relax with use and washing.

I came across seams like this several times.  Anyone who has ever cut a piece of satin knows it will ravel like crazy.  You can just look at satin and it will ravel right before your eyes.  Satin just does not want to behave.

Here’s another place.  I did repair several seams before putting it on the machine.  More issue seams showed up in the handling while quilting it.

What I did with these seams was to sew them by hand as I found them.  I float the top so it was easy to fold it back to do the hand sewing.

I can hardly wait for her to come pick it up.  I love the surprise look beginners get when they see the quilt finished for the first time.  It always gets me a happy hug and I do like hugs.

When beginners bring me their first quilt they are often embarrassed to show it.  They haven’t found confidence yet.  Some will even apologize for the bad piecing.  I do all I can to encourage them to relax.  I tell them that I’m not a quilt judge and I haven’t found a quilt yet that can’t be fixed.  Most will leave here very doubtful their quilt will ever look good.  I see that doubtful look on their faces and I smile because I know the happy surprised look I’ll get when they return.    Yup, I do love the beginner toppers!


4 comments on “All satin quilt

  1. lw
    December 10, 2011

    Wow! That came out so pretty! Your beginner will be so excited!

    • Na Na
      December 17, 2011

      Thank you. She plans to pick it up Monday or Tuesday.

  2. kathi
    December 10, 2011

    the quilt looks REALLY GREAT. PRETTY. I can’t wait to hear her reaction.
    Yes, i also LOVE the JOY they have when they pick up that “first quilt”.. or ANY quilt they think is “all amuck”.. THAT is why we DO THIS.

    • Na Na
      December 17, 2011

      Seeing the “reaction” is the whole reason I love challenges so much.

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