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Piecing vs theme

The last three days have been very busy for me.   I finished the quilting and the binding on the pineapple quilt.  It’s the second quilt of 2012.

The finished quilt.

The corners of the quilt where only 1/4 of the block appears.

The block center squares.  If you notice, I changed the design on the darker pieces.  I thought the design had too many curls coming together in one place so I changed it to have leaves in the darker pieces with the curls only in the lighter pieces.

The side triangles along the border and the light area of the block.

The square created by the block corners where they come together.

How the designs look next to each other on the quilt.

And one more picture in case you want a closer look at the dark area quilting design.

I also had a sew in day here with my SIL on Friday.  I cut the pieces for a quilt she’s going to make.  (With my help.)

She thinks in fabric colors or themes instead of design.  I think of design instead of colors or fabrics.  What do I mean?  Well, I choose a piecing design I would like to make and fit the fabrics to that design.  My choice is to have the piecing be the feature of the quilt and my fabrics are chosen to compliment the piecing.

My SIL is the opposite.  She chooses fabric as the main ingredient of the quilt.  She buys fabric and wants me to come up with designs that allow the fabric to be the focus.  She’s the type that would be happy with cheater quilts if she could find them in a theme she likes.  I chose a simple snowball block for her quilt.  It will allow her to have her theme fabric be the focus in very easy to make squares.  The blocks will surround a theme center panel I gave her for Christmas.

When  I started cutting the fabric for her blocks I made the mistake of using fabric I had intended to use in a quilt of mine.  My fabric somehow got mixed in with hers.  Oh well, it’s cut now.  I’ll be buying more for myself on my next shopping day.



3 comments on “Piecing vs theme

  1. pixilated2
    January 31, 2012

    This is fantastic! I am finally getting around to binding the hand tied quilt I made last year. I noticed that you had bound this quilt. Did you do the binding all on the machine, or did you hand stitch it on the back? I ask because it seems no matter how hard I try, I am never happy with my results when I machine stitch the binding… is there some secret I don’t under stand??? ~ L

    • Na Na
      February 1, 2012

      Yes, I did the binding by machine. Front and back too. It’s not good enough to win a contest but the customer is happy. When I do binding for a contest I sew to the front by machine, keeping a careful straight 1/4 inch line. Then hand sew to the back.

  2. kathi
    January 30, 2012

    That quilt is just BEAUTIFUL. thanks for sharing. I want to quilt like my BIG sis when i grow up.. for sure.

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