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Eighth one for 2012

I finally have another quilt to show.  This one belongs to a lady in Colorado.  (mother lives here)  This is her first quilt.  (I love, love, love first quilts!)  I just wish I could be there to see her reaction when she sees it for the first time.  These photos are for her to look at until her quilt arrives home.  Here it is laying on my intake table.

The owner had chosen a simple design of random squares.  It was a panto design that was emailed to her mother and then given to me.  I liked that design but I don’t own that panto so I did freehand squares and rectangles.  (click to enlarge and see details better)

There was no marking done on the quilt.  I had no particular size in mind.  I used her idea and interpreted it for my quilting work.  A square here and a rectangle there but overlapping each other in random fashion.

Here’s a look at the squares and rectangles from the back.

For the border I needed a design that would compliment the design I had done on the  center area.  So I did a random Greek key design.  Again, there was no marking.  I simply moved where it felt right.

Ok, here is a view from the back showing both the border and the center area.

I believe all the work now compliments each other.   That’s both her work and mine together.  You agree?

I know I’ve not been posting much lately.  I’ve got some “me” projects going on and it leaves little time for being on the computer.    I’ve gone back to only turning on my computer early morning or late evening.  It’s too tempting to sit and email friends or to visit blogs for hours and hours.  When I really need to get some work done I stay off the computer.


One comment on “Eighth one for 2012

  1. kathi
    March 10, 2012

    i LOVE THAT QUILT!! as well as HOW you QUILTED IT. they jUST GO PERFECTLY together. makes me want to go work on a quilt of MY OWN. sigh.. not to be. but i REALLY LIKE THIS ONE.

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