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Quilt thirteen for 2012

I have a finished quilt to show you.  Yup, it does seem like a long time since I had one to show.  Sometimes life interferes with my quilting schedule and the quilts take longer to finish.

Ann G’s quilt May 2012

This quilt is a wedding gift.  The owner left it up to me to decide about the quilting designs.  I thought hearts and flowers would be good for a wedding quilt.  I decided feathered hearts would be special.

Ann G’s quilt May 2012

I put the flowers on the alternate blocks.  The hearts in the center of these blocks were her work.  She sewed in extra batting in a heart shape.  I just flattened the background so it stood out better.

Ann G’s quilt May 2012

I sewed her prepared binding on it while it was still on the machine.  All she has to do is trim the backing and batting then the binding to the back.  Forgot to take a photo of that.  You can see it in the first photo.  The reason I don’t trim the backing and batting is because every quilter has their own preference about how close to trim.  My way may not be the way the quilter chooses.  If they trim their own there’s no doubt about it being right their way.

The next quilt is on the machine ready to stabilize.  I have three customers all wanting their quilts finished ASAP.  This means the next few days will be nothing but quilting from early morning to late evening.  Probably 16 hour days for a couple of weeks to finish the quilts.  Umm…. yes…. I am supposed to be semi-retired.  I’m not sure what that means anymore.  Too many life happenings lately.  All I can do is do my best to finish the quilts quickly.  If only life will cooperate for the next couple of weeks.




2 comments on “Quilt thirteen for 2012

  1. kathi
    May 19, 2012

    BEAUTIFUL quilt. LOVE the feathered hearts, etc. and no. I don’t think life ever “cooperates” any more. Perhaps for a moment all is “going well”. but that’s about as long as we get before another “life event” of one sort or another comes along. ENJOY what you DO, i think that is the “key” to being semi retired. ENJOYING whatever “it” is.

    • Na Na
      May 20, 2012

      I may grouch and complain sometimes but I simply can’t see myself doing anything else. I love my job.

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