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Whole cloth quilt May 2012

I like to full float the top and batting as I stabilize quilts.  When I have pieced quilts I stitch in the ditch around all the blocks from beginning to end making sure everything is square and even.  Then I go back to do the quilting.

With whole cloth quilts there aren’t any blocks for stitching around.  I use elements of the quilting design as the stabilizer stitching.  For this one I used the spines of the feathers because there are enough of them to act as stabilizer.  I’m stitching those all over the whole quilt and then I’ll go back to stitch the designs.

Here I’ve finished all the spines and have started stitching the feathers around the outside.  I got the spines finished yesterday.

Whole cloth quilt May 2012

This quilt has 1/2 inch spaced cross hatch grid lines along the outside and on the inside in some areas.  I won’t do those yet.  Here’s another picture of the feathers after some have been  stitched.  I started the feathers first thing this morning.  Before I got on the computer.

Whole cloth quilt May 2012

This quilt has become an “over time” quilt which means I’ll be working from around 3 am until about 9 pm to finish it ASAP.  By Thursday night if possible.  The owner would like to pick it up on Friday.  If it doesn’t get finished by then…. it won’t be from lack of trying.



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