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In house retreat

I had a very nice holiday weekend.  I hope everyone else did too.  There was a visit of two machine quilters from Indianapolis.  They stopped by here on their way south.  They brought me two bags of t-shirt scraps and a bag of cotton quilt fabric scraps.

T-shirt fabric scraps

I spent time cutting out the most usable parts of the t-shirt scraps.  Wow, some really great colors.  Didn’t get to the other fabrics yet.  Another person brought me a bag of selvages.  Fantastic!  I can’t get enough selvages these days.  Look at the great colors.  Does anyone save selvages but don’t plan to use them?  I sure would love to have them.

Need more like this

Since I was already playing with t-shirt fabrics I spent time squaring up the blocks for the two t-shirt quilts I’m making.  This is the first one.

T-shirt quilt blocks

This is the other one.

T-shirt quilt blocks

I created quite a pile of scraps after cutting off the seams and hems and bulk parts of the shirts.  This might look like a pile of un-usable scrap but it’s not.  There’s still a lot I can use to make rugs.  I won’t throw this stuff away until I’ve gone through it again and again and again.

The unusable part of t-shirt scraps

I had planned to get the next quilt on the machine yesterday so I could start stabilizing it.  But mother nature had other plans.  Storms came through early which means I don’t turn on the machine or the computer.  Well it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because we lost power (again) and it didn’t come back on until near lunch time.  I’m not the type to simply sit doing nothing.  I got out my wax paper and markers to play around and decide on a design for the quilting.

Wax paper for testing designs

When the power came back on I got the quilt onto the machine.  I’ll be stabilizing it today.

Sheila’s quilt May 2012

It’s a very large quilt.  Goes almost to the ends of the leaders.

Sheila’s quilt May 2012

Yup, I’d say I had a very productive in house retreat.


4 comments on “In house retreat

  1. jenyjenny
    June 1, 2012

    Your work is truly inspiring.

    • Na Na
      June 1, 2012

      Thank you Jenny. I like what you did with your dress boo boo. Very creative.

  2. Dora, the quilter
    May 30, 2012

    Very pretty quilt on your longarm!

    I have a question about t-shirt quilts. I have a friend who does them and irons stabilizer on the back of the t-shirt fabric. Do you find you do or do not need to do that?

    • Na Na
      May 30, 2012

      Dora, I always use stabilizer. It prevents the fabric from shifting under the hopping foot as I quilt. It also makes the fabric easier to work with as I piece them together. It prevents stretching when sewing the seams or during pressing. I fell the stabilizer creates a much nicer t-shirt quilt.

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