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It’s done

My fair entry is finally done.   The category is called “new quilts from old”.   This category could be old blocks never finished or old quilts remade.

This is the left side.  Why the missing corners?  Well it’s made to fit an antique four post bed.  (or one similar) When the quilt is on the bed, the quilt lays flat beside the posts.

Candlewick quilt 2012This is the right side.  Notice how the outside row of blocks are sideways?  This is so that when it’s on a bed the characters are right side up.  One  row of each side hangs down the side of the bed.

Candlewick quilt 2012

Because of all the dense quilting the quilt shrank 4 inches in length and 3 inches in width.  I’m not real happy about that but I can fix it later by adding a border.

Candlewick quilt 2012The quilting around straight lines of embroidery was very time consuming.  I had to be careful so I didn’t quilt on top of the embroidery thread.

Candlewick quilt 2012I did stitch in the ditch around the characters to stabilize the whole thing before starting the actual quilting designs.  This wasn’t easy because of the knots of thread.  I had to be careful my hopping foot didn’t go onto one of them.

Candlewick quilt 2012Then I went back and did the orange peel (circles) design on the background.  The straight lines of the background was done last.

Candlewick quilt 2012A view from the back.  The quilt is pretty stiff right now.

Candlewick quilt 2012It will soften quite a bit when washed… or at least I hope it will.  I didn’t want to take a chance that anything would happen by washing it before the fair.  I’ll wash it after it comes back home.  I’ve done last minute quilts for the fair before but none this intense.

I’ve been asked if I did the blocks?  I honestly don’t remember.  Sometimes I believe I remember doing them and other times I think someone gave them to me.  I did do several candlewick quilts back in the 60s or 70s but I’m not sure if I did these particular blocks.  Over the years I’ve gotten many unfinished quilts or blocks donated to me.  I didn’t write notes about donations when I got them.   Many donated blocks were very similar to blocks I’d made which makes it very hard to remember exactly what I did and what I didn’t.

I do hope it wins a ribbon but ribbons aren’t as important to me these days.  When I was hoping to keep customers coming to my door the ribbons were important.  Now that I’m semi-retired I don’t need that recognition anymore.  I’ll be happy knowing others see this quilt  finished.  Hmm…. It’s like saying “look at what I did” and being happy with that.  Done is good.

My house really, really needs cleaning.  If my house isn’t clean I can’t seem to get anything done.  Especially quilting work.  I know. This is strange thinking coming from a hoarder collector.  So the next few days are going to be quite busy for me.  Some serious housework is scheduled.  No better time than right now to start the cleaning.








7 comments on “It’s done

  1. mom1a
    August 12, 2012

    It’s a beautiful quilt. I’ve tried candlewicking but not very good at it but I am inspired to make some embroidered or cross stitch blocks after seeing your quilt. I’m sure you will do well at the fair. How did your sister in law’s quilt turn out? Nancy

    • Na Na
      August 13, 2012

      It turned out pretty nice. Thank you for asking. You can see pictures if you scroll down to August 1st post. It’s the angel quilt. I love knowing I inspire people to do something.

      • Nancy
        August 14, 2012

        I’m sorry I didn’t realize your sister in law’s name is Nancy and that was her quilt. Beautiful quilt and you both should do very well at the fair. I was so impressed with the angel quilt that I began searching for angel panels right after I saw your pictures. I found a couple I would like but will have to wait, I have a couple of birthdays in August to buy for. Grandchildren first. Nancy

  2. kathi
    August 12, 2012

    the quilt is BREATH TAKING. i LOVE it. VERY WELL DONE. very VERY good.

    • Na Na
      August 13, 2012

      Thank you Kathi. Hope all is well with you.

  3. susan r
    August 12, 2012

    As always, your quilting amazes me! That quilt is definetly a family heirloom to be handed down to Ladybug. Just wondering how you would add a border on after it is quilted. It is hard to tell in the full length picture but is the quilt bound or are the raw edges turned in and stitched along the edge?

    • Na Na
      August 13, 2012

      Thank you Susan. I’ve added borders after quilting several times. I looked for the post I had written showing how it was done. Bummer! The post is gone like so many of my best tutorial posts. The candlewick quilt is actually bound. I sewed the binding to the front and hand stitched on the back. When I add borders I’ll remove the binding, add pieces for the backing and front with a sandwich of batting between and quilt it before binding again. I do plan to write another post for the technique. It won’t be right away though. Hopefully within the next few weeks.

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