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Fair ribbon 2012

I went to the Kentucky State Fair for opening day.  A lot has changed about the fair.  In the past we would be given a schedule of events book when entering the gate.  We could use the books to find times of scheduled events we are interested in seeing and we would be sure to walk there in time to see them.  Those books are no longer given.  Which makes it very difficult to attend events.  How can anyone be at a competition if they don’t know when the event is held?  I like things such as the quartet singing groups, the parade of county princesses, the little miss and mr competition, and some other shows.  But, this year, I missed them because I didn’t know the scheduled times.

I like competition events surrounding the animals too.  Different animals, different days, different daily time every year.  For example, dairy cows are one day, goats a different day, rabbits another, and so forth.  The animals don’t stay the whole time of the fair.  The animals are only here a couple of days then go home so other animals can take their place.  This year no one except the contestants knew the days and the times.

The way our quilts were accepted has changed too.  Those who run the textile department are trying to make it more like a “big competition” quilt show.  I’ve said it before…. and I’m saying it again…. the fair is for amateurs  and beginners.  The people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enter a quilt contest.   For some, it might be their first quilt.  Others might be handicapped and completing a quilt is difficult so showing it to others is like saying “despite my handicap I made this” and being very proud.  What’s next for the quilt department…… requiring photos before entry like big shows?

Besides that, who is willing to leave their “big show quality” quilt in an unguarded place like a state fair? It’s one thing to make a quilt and be so proud of your work that you want to show it off to everyone and quite another to make a quilt hoping to enter it into a big contest.  The prize money for entering a quilt into the fair is at most $25 for a blue ribbon.  Is it worth the effort to enter?  Will the prize money get better if the quality of the quilts is improved?

Ok, enough of my ranting about the changes to the fair.  This might be my last year entering or attending.  Looks like a lot of other people feel the same way because there is far fewer people attending this year.  I’ll have a year to think about it before deciding.

My quilt won a second place ribbon.  The category was “new quilts from old”.  It’s the candlewick quilt I finished the day before it had to be dropped off.

Here is a photo of  the quilt that won the blue ribbon for this category.  Nice quilt!  The blocks were donated to a quilt shop owner who put them together.

I like that our quilts were side by side.  I can see why her quilt won the blue ribbon and mine didn’t.  Her’s hangs very even, mine has ripples from the dense quilting.  Her’s has a better story than mine too.  Oh well, I’m happy I got a ribbon.  I’m happy with my quilt which will be on my bed.  I’m the one who will look at it everyday after the fair is over.  Umm…. after I add a border to it.  Not right away though because I have customer quilts waiting that must get finished first.

I’ll be going back to the fair to look at more of the quilts and other crafts.  If I’m lucky, I will find the herding dog competition in time to see it.  I’m not sure which day I’ll be going back.




4 comments on “Fair ribbon 2012

  1. ballerina
    August 18, 2012

    I love your candlewick quilt. The quilt that won the blue ribbon is nice but oh so boring. I sent you an e mail. Hope you got it

    • Na Na
      August 29, 2012

      Ummm…. I don’t think I got it. I’ll check my email again.

  2. kathi
    August 18, 2012

    Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL. Happy to see it won a ribbon. GOOD.

    but yes, I have long been dismayed at the way the Fair’s are run. At our county fair, for several years now, the quilts are “displayed” on a table, folded in plastic bags, with a “rope” in front of the table a few feet away. There is NO WAY to actually SEE the quilt. Just a small area is showing IF you can squint hard enough to SEE it. I ask. WHAT is the POINT of THAT? none whatsoever as far as I can see.

    Are the events posted at a fair website perhaps? I think it terrible you have not a clue when a competition will be held. Sigh. so many things are changeing. It’s just very sad.

    GLAD you won a ribbon. THAT is always a “perk ya up”. But sad you cannot enjoy the competitions you would LIKE to see. Again, what is the point? sighhhh.

    • Na Na
      August 29, 2012

      Thanks Kathi. I’m happy with the one ribbon. Ribbons don’t have the same meaning for me these days. In the days when I really wanted to impress new customers with my skills the ribbons were important. Ribbons said I was good at my job. Now that I’m semi-retired and working toward full retirement the ribbons are less important. Umm…. that doesn’t sound quite right but I think you get the idea.

      I think I would hate going to see quilts and not actually see them. Is it possible that no quilt group there is willing to be responsible for hanging or displaying the quilts? Here in KY the largest quilt guild does all the work of the fair textile department.

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