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A finished quilt

I do have a finished quilt to show.  It’s a small one I finished a couple of days ago.  The owner picked it up already.  I finished the last stitch of the binding a couple of minutes before she knocked on the door.  I hadn’t shown it before because I had to delete out some photos from this blog before I’d have room for newer photos.  I made a discovery as I was deleting some photos.  See this?

It shows photos being stored but there isn’t any photo.  Actually, it is a type of duplicate of actual photos stored.  Don’t ask me to explain it better because I can’t.  I don’t understand it myself.  I spent a great deal of time deleting anything that showed as blank.  That cleared up some photo storage space.  At least enough I can add newer photos of finished quilts.

Well here is the next finished quilt.  You will recognize it as the one I used to test photos.

I did a swag design on the border.  I use a swag design when the border is too small for other designs.  I custom fit the swag to the size of the border.  I did a simple flower design on the corner blocks.

I did outline stitching around the hearts and line dancing on the nine patch blocks.

I did baby rattles on the solid blocks of the inside border.  I’m out of practice doing freehand baby rattles so I did a few practices using my white board.  Not too bad but could be better.

I did a bow design on the corner blocks that make up the center of the quilt.

I did more bows on the strip blocks.

The back of the quilt.

I did simple designs on this quilt in order to keep it “fluffy” as the customer wanted.  The batting she brought was a puffy polyester of some type.  It wasn’t in a package.  The next quilt is on the machine ready for me to stabilize.  It’s due to be finished, including binding, by September 10.


2 comments on “A finished quilt

  1. pixilated2
    September 20, 2012

    This is really beautiful! ~ Lynda

    • Na Na
      September 23, 2012

      Thank you.

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