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Wearing patched clothes

Grandma Mama had a saying about wearing clothes with patches on them.  There is no disgrace in wearing a patch but there is a big disgrace in wearing a hole.  I think Grandma Mama was very wise.

Children of my generation valued our patched up clothes…. that fit, were washed and cleaned, and always pressed.  Our clothes and coats were often made from worn out adult clothing.  We brushed and aired coats on the line to freshen them.  At Grandma Mama’s house washing clothes was a big chore of hauling water, heating it, scrubbing, then repeating to rinse before hanging it all out to dry in the sun.  Then the chore of ironing out all those wrinkles with a heavy non-steam iron.  Oiee!  We didn’t have permanent press in those days.  We starched the clothes and ironed them while still damp.  No way did we have closets stuffed full of things that we either couldn’t or wouldn’t wear like people have today.

Our clothes were often made in color blocking fashion to make one child’s outfit from two items of adult clothing.  If we got a tear or wore a hole in our clothing, Grandma Mama knew just the perfect way to patch it.  Sometimes it was a darning and sometimes a patch.  During my childhood we had very little money so we took great pride in our made over and patched up clothing.  Grandma Mama always made my dresses look pretty with crochet lace or embroidery work.

These days,  the economy allows everyone proper dress and a good supply of clothing regardless of financial situation.  Often clothes are there for the asking.  There are sites like freecyle, or local clothes closets,  or from a friend or relative willing to load you up with plenty of clothes.  Mega malls are everywhere and the amount of clothing available is astounding.  Washing our clothes is as easy as stuffing into a washer then turning the knob. Ok, sometimes you have to have coins to feed the machine too.  Ironing has become a term used by quilters more than by housewives.

With all these conveniences, and wealth of stuff to be had, I find it ironic to see our young people preferring holes in jeans, the wrinkled look, sassy stretched out t-shirts,  bleached spots, and grossly over sized sports jackets.  There is a whole industry of creating nothing but clothing resembling what would have been destined for the rag barrel in my youth.

Hmm…. Women are by nature inventive and artistic.  Our ingenuity comes through wherever we are located.  Today our economy, even though it’s bad at the moment, doesn’t require women to be inventive daily just to survive as our grandparents did.  Women are turning their talents to developing new and exciting crafts to decorate their homes.  To make the surroundings cheerful and to make it all worthwhile.  Just look around the internet and you will find thousands upon thousands of women creating different types of crafts.  Sure, there are some men being creative too but mostly it’s the women.

It has always been considered women were responsible for the human race.  I don’t think that’s changed.   Do you?  I believe if a new economic disaster were to happen today, it would again be the women who get us through it.

6 comments on “Wearing patched clothes

  1. Lynn
    September 22, 2012

    There’s something wonderfully humbling about mending an article of clothing.

    My grandmother was an elementary school teacher and she would tell me of those “poor” children who dressed in hand-me-down or patched feed-sack clothing (as her own daughter– my mother– did in the 1930s). What my grandmother would remark on was the family’s care and hygiene for their children, not the raggedy, patchwork clothing.

    • Na Na
      September 23, 2012

      Yes, it was that way for us too.

  2. pixilated2
    September 17, 2012

    Wonderful writing! Is the photograph yours and are you in it? I do wish it were clickable, because I really wanted a closer look! Thanks for the memories, Lynda

    • Na Na
      September 19, 2012

      No, the photo is not of me. The photo is clip art from a close era. I wanted to use a photo of myself but I can’t scan photos into my computer anymore. I lost that capability when my other computer died. I’m using a computer a customer traded to me for a quilt a few years ago. Buying another computer or more memory is just not in my budget right now. Sometimes being poor really is frustrating!

      • pixilated2
        September 19, 2012

        Yes it is! You are not the only one feeling the pinch. True story:

        I was at the store the other day and when I opened my purse, to pay the clerk, out flew a moth!

        The strangest part of that story is, that when I laughed and had to explain why, because of the funny look the cashier gave me, she didn’t get it. She had never heard or seen the joke about ‘only moths in your coin purse.’

        Guess I was showing my age. ~ L

        • Na Na
          September 19, 2012

          Hee, hee, hee, I like! Please tell the joke for those who don’t know it. I only vaguely remember it.

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