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Your kidding. Right?

On my last shopping trip I happened to be at the meat counter of a local grocery.  Another lady and I had quite a conversation about the rising cost of meats.  Have you seen the prices at the meat counter lately?  SHOCK!  is all I can say.   We had a pretty nice conversation among passing strangers with common thoughts.

Well anyway, I asked the butcher in the meat department for three pounds hamburger.  He looked at me and said “Sure I can do that.  How would you like it financed?”   :-0

It took a moment to register what he said before I burst out laughing.  Yup, he had listened to our conversation and had to say something too.    I laughed the rest of the day.


12 comments on “Your kidding. Right?

  1. pixilated2
    September 22, 2012

    I love it when the employees are interactive! Seems that anymore they are on autopilot and have the attitude that, “They could get their job done if only the customers would leave them alone!” 😉
    PS: And yes, in this house we have taken notice of the cost of meat. Hence, that “card deck” portion has been downsized to half, and usually it is sliced/diced and added into something as a flavoring!!! 😛

    • Na Na
      September 23, 2012

      Yes, he’s a good guy. He’s very friendly and helpful. Not so with other employees.

  2. Lynn
    September 22, 2012

    Love it! You and the butcher made my morning.

    • Na Na
      September 23, 2012

      He made mine. I’m glad to pass it along. We all need a bit of humor to ease the tension now and then.

  3. kathi
    September 21, 2012

    Yes, i also have gone into meat price SHOCK. and everything has really gone UP. I near FAINTED when i discovered a pound of BACON was 4 bucks. WHAT? (i RARELY purchase real bacon for beginners. but needed it. WOW. i still can’t get over THAT one.) and remember when mac n cheese, store brand, was 4 for a buck. NOW it’s a buck a box. I remember when i did SERIOUS grocery shopping on sixty bucks for TWO weeks. this included a 12 pack of beer, and cigarettes as well. WOW. it just gets scarier all the time.

    • Na Na
      September 23, 2012

      Only 4 bucks? I saw it at 5.25 here last week. Yup, I remember spending only $5 a week for my food. I shop for food separate from non-edible stuff. But at that time coupons were actually helpful. Now days coupons are not worth the bother of clipping unless it’s something a person buys regularly. You can save a few pennies here and there.

  4. Linda in NE
    September 20, 2012

    I’ve been buying a little extra meat every time I go to the store, more if it’s on sale, before the prices REALLY go up. DH hunts, but so many deer are dying because of a disease caused by midge bites. It happens during drought and we’ve been in one of those “exceptional” drought areas this year. So, don’t know what his hunting success will be this year. He might wind up eating a lot of pancakes this winter. I can’t because of my diabetes. Need meat and non-starchy veggies.

    • Na Na
      September 23, 2012

      Your DH is not alone. I’ve heard of some hunters here talking about fewer deer. Hmmm… even the people in Alaska are having trouble finding game. People who hunt have their own set of troubles which makes them feel the pinch right along with the rest of us. I suspect a part of the problem is because more people are turning to hunting rather than pay for store meat? My grandson is out with a hunting group this week. They hope to get a caraboo (sp?)or two for their freezer. He said they want to look for mountain goat too.

  5. mom1a
    September 20, 2012

    You warned us this was going to happen but still a shock. I’ve been eating more pork lately and can’t remember the last time I bought a beef roast. I only have myself to shop for and think how many meals can I get out of the package of meat I buy. With the price of gas and food, you really have to have a shopping plan before you leave the house.

    • Na Na
      September 23, 2012

      Oh yes, that’s so true. Shopping without a plan costs extra money. I’m guessing the cost of beef with get even higher through the winter months and through spring.

  6. Dora, the quilter
    September 20, 2012

    Love it! I wonder how many times he’s said that?

    • Na Na
      September 23, 2012

      He probably had fun with that a lot. He’s a fun kind of guy. I like it when he’s working on my shopping day.

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