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A little progress

This one is done.  I think it turned out rather nice.  It is a really large quilt.  I did stitch in the ditch around the leaves of the border and straight lines behind them.

Why straight lines instead of maybe a leaf vine or something like that?  I thought straight lines emphasized the leaves to make them appear to be floating or blowing across the quilt.  There is a double leaf design at the center of each border.

A look from the back.

I did a meander behind the leaves at the corners.  It was a kind of stopping or resting point for the eyes from all those straight lines.

A look at it from the back.

I did a simple line dancing design on the tiny patch blocks.

On the plain squares I did a leaf design.

Here’s a look from the back at the tiny pieced blocks and the plain blocks.

I did another leaf design on these pieced blocks with a leaf vine and curl on the center strips.

Here is a look at it from the back.

I did another leaf design on the odd shaped block at the corner of the pieced block.

Here is a look at it from the back.

I should have gotten more quilting done but I cannot be in two places at the same time.  I’ve had to spend time in the kitchen preserving produce.   And….. taking care of emergency water problems.  And…. showing up for doctor appointments and annual shots.  And…. nursing bursitis in my shoulder and elbow.  And…. oh well, you know how it goes.  The faster I go, the farther behind I get.

The lady who wanted 13 quilted items made for Christmas has cancelled those.  It was a mutual decision for us.  She needed more time to grieve and I needed to cut down the number of deadlines waiting.  I need to delete some older posts in order to show photos of newer quilt finishes.  I’m back to maximum storage point.  In the mean time I can still post on the hoarder blog.


4 comments on “A little progress

  1. pixilated2
    October 19, 2012

    Anita, this turned out exceptionally nice! I love how your choice to stitch in the ditch set off the leaf and block patterns on the plain backing. To my mind, I feel that you could use the quilt reversed with the backing up for a change in the look! Simply lovely!

    • Na Na
      October 20, 2012

      I feel the same way. I prefer plain backs for my own quilts.

  2. kathi
    October 19, 2012

    YOU are AMAZING. WOW. how DO you get ALL THAT DONE??????
    you GOO GIRL!!! and PLEASE tell me the secret.. HOW do you DO IT??

    • Na Na
      October 20, 2012

      Kathi, I feel as if I’m moving at a snails pace with the quilts. So many other things to do leaving little time for actual quilting these days.

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