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I’ve been organizing my photos from webshots.  I downloaded my pictures before it closed down.  The downloading process assigned each photo a number in a zipped file.  I got three zipped files.  The photos were not in any order anymore and there’s nothing to identify each one except the number.  In order to know which photo is which I have to look at them one by one and assign it to an album.   After I create the album.

It was interesting to visit some of my quilts again.  When a quilt is finished, and leaves me to go live in it’s forever home, I usually don’t get to see it ever again. That’s why I keep photos.  I can visit the quilts through pictures.  Here is one of my favorite quilts.  I made it for our mayor as a fundraiser to be used by the dog pound.  It was a raffle quilt and was highly promoted on tv by local tv personalities.  It was also promoted by local animal groups, the boy scouts, and other organizations.  Everyone was selling raffle tickets.  I believe I sold about 200 tickets myself.  Anyway, the quilt raised a little over $7,000.  Or was it $10,000?  I can’t remember exactly.  The money was used as a down payment for a brand new mobile spay & neuter clinic.    The mayor had a big ceremony in the park to unveil the new clinic.  I was on the tv news for two days.

I designed the quilt myself.  I’m sorry the photos are not very clear.  I didn’t have a very good camera.  These are the only photos I have of the quilt.  It now hangs in the lobby of a veterinarian on the east side of our county.  I’m not sure which one.  If I knew I’d go take better photos.  I believe I made this quilt in 2005?  I can’t remember that either.

The center of the quilt is a photo of a little boy and his dog playing vet.  Under the exam table (dog crate) is another dog.  The child has put a sign saying ready for adoption.

Center panel is a child and his dog playing vet doctor

Center panel is a child and his dog playing vet doctor

The pattern is supposed to be photos of animals in picture frames on a blue wall.  The photos are of animals with different medical problems.  For example this one is pregnant.  She is gathering together extra baby bottles because there will be so many kittens.

VERY pregnant kitty

VERY pregnant kitty

This one has a broken leg.  Probably hit by a car.  The kitty has a BFF mouse that also has an injury to it’s ear.

Best friends.  A cat and it's BFF mouse.

 A cat and it’s BFF mouse

This one is a playful dog with an injury to it’s back leg.  Many stray animals get hit by cars.

Playful dog with injured leg

Playful dog with injured leg

This one is “old blue”.  Just about everyone knows an old dog named blue don’t they?  Ok, it’s a backwoods country dog name used in old movies.  Old blue is happy but he had become the victim of a dog fighting camp.  He was rescued during a raid.  Old blue would love a forever home to live out his remaining years.

Old blue was used as bait in a dog fighting camp

Old blue was used as bait in a dog fighting camp

This kitty got into a cat fight and was injured.  Not serious enough to stop it being a very friendly kitty.

This kitty was in a cat fight.

This kitty was in a cat fight.

This dog was abandoned as a puppy and ended up in the shelter to be put up for adoption.

This dog was abandoned as a puppy.  He's getting his health back.

This dog was abandoned as a puppy. He’s getting his health back.

As I said, all these were my own original designs.  I had a lot of fun making it. I had a lot of fun re-visiting it. I hope you had fun visiting it too.  A person once told me that my art wasn’t really art because it was too cartoon like.  Well, I think it’s art enough for me!  I let that person know right away; my drawing may not be realistic but I do get my point across.

Time for me to go do more organizing.


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  1. kathi
    January 19, 2013

    I JUST LOVEEE this quilt. AND your art work. THANKS for posting it.. i can’t decide which animal i like the best. REALLY GREAT!!!

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