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Quilt finishes

I’m showing some quilt finishes that I failed to show last month.  I was so far behind due to illness and other life happenings that I stayed off the computer as much as possible.  When I get on the internet I fool myself into believing I’ll just check one or two things or write a quick post but before I know it hours have passed by.  Not being tempted by the internet also meant I wasn’t showing the quilt finishes.  So now I’m catching up by showing the work that kept me so busy with the Christmas rush.  This is a king sized blue cross stitch whole cloth quilt.

Blue cross stitch quilt

Blue cross stitch quilt

The lines were marked for quilting but they are very far apart.  The  owner and I both agreed the quilt needed more quilting than indicated.  So I drew some guidelines to freehand extra quilting in some areas.  Here you can see the flipped circles used to create a feather design around the outside. It would be the border area of a pieced quilt.  You can tell the difference in my marking pen and the blue preprinted lines.

Blue cross stitch quilt

Blue cross stitch quilt

The corners had no quilting guidelines at all so I did a free hand leaf and curl design.

Blue cross stitch quilt corners

Blue cross stitch quilt corners

Above the corner in the next empty spot I did a ribbon design next to a large feather design.

Blue cross stitch quilt inside corner

Blue cross stitch quilt inside corner

Here I did feather and curl design along and beside the center hearts section.

Blue cross stitch

Blue cross stitch

Here you can see some of the center area.  In this area I outline stitched all the cross stitched design.  I echoed in a few small areas because I thought it needed something extra.

Blue cross stitch

Blue cross stitch

Here you can see I added extra grid lines in the area already marked as a grid.  I didn’t change the grids, just added more lines.  You can also see the feather design already printed.  I added more lines to what was already there.

Blue cross stitch

Blue cross stitch

Here is a look at the back of the flipped circle feathers.

Blue cross stitch

Blue cross stitch

I believe I added just enough quilting to enhance the original design and not overwhelm it with my own creativity.   As a machine quilter it’s not my work that should be the focus of a quilt unless I’m requested to do so.  I hope that makes sense.  Hmm….. My work should be the salt added after the food is cooked.  It is just enough to spark up the original flavor.  Yeah, that’s it.  The top is the food, my quilting is the salt.


5 comments on “Quilt finishes

  1. Lynda
    January 22, 2013

    I’m just beginning a new quilt top. I want you to salt it for me when I am done. I know you have a L-O-N-G waiting list, Anita, but I don’t care. I love the detail and attention that you put into your work! Can’t wait to get started so I can get it done!

    • Lynda
      January 24, 2013

      I forgot to give you the link to see the quilt I am starting! It’s here:

      • Na Na
        January 25, 2013

        Ooo! Nice quilt. I look forward to seeing that one. Lots of design possibilities.

    • Na Na
      January 25, 2013

      Lynda, I’ll explain how my own waiting list works. Other quilters may have a different way. For mine, people call or email to reserve a spot on the waiting list at the same time they pick out fabrics for a quilt. That way their name is making it’s way up the list at the same time the quilt is being made. For example: If you plan to finish for a September gift then reserve for July or August. Give yourself time to ship, time for me to quilt, time to return ship, time for you to do binding, and so forth, all in time to give as the gift.

      Once a spot on my waiting list is reserved no other name can be put there. No different than any appointment or reservation made early. A name can be put on the waiting list for any time during the year. October and November Christmas slots fill up by June or July. I really don’t want to work during December but usually wind up doing it because of illness or something putting me behind schedule. Using my way of a waiting list the customer doesn’t have to worry about getting it done and I have an estimate of expected income. My goal is to have the quilts in my possession no more than two or three weeks for a quick turn around time.

      Email me estes anita at bellsouth dot net

  2. kathi
    January 19, 2013


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