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Back to work

First let me say thank you to everyone who left me a comment while I was going through the crisis with my mother.  I appreciate them very much.  Mom has been getting out of bed and going to the dining room for meals and also going outside for some sunshine and fresh air.  Everyone is amazed at how much different she is from when she first got to the new home.  It’s way different than just a few days ago as I was calling everyone to say time for the last visit.

And now for other stuff.  After I got Mom back to a somewhat normal life, it was time to get my own self back to normal again.  I have a quilt finish to show.  It’s a retirement quilt for a guy.  I did “modern” quilting on it.

A snowball quilt with sport theme fabric for a guy

A snowball quilt with sport theme fabric 

Modern means designs that we do today to turn out very quick quilts instead of the designs used in earlier history that were done slower and more purposeful.  Or at least that’s what I think of as modern quilting.  I did straight lines on the border in piano key fashion.

March 2013 060

The straight line theme is carried onto the sashing with…. hmm…. a type of squiggly line that imitates piano key straight lines.

March 2013 062

The lines give texture to the quilt.  Guys don’t usually like froo-froo  on their quilts so straight lines work for their quilts.  On the snow ball part I did simple meandering lines with clear thread.  I used the clear thread so the sport fabric wasn’t covered up with squiggly lines of thread color.  I find it kind of ironic that in the early days of machine quilting customers hated the mechanical look of quilting.  Everyone wanted the machine stitching to imitate the traditional hand stitching.  Today, after machine quilting has gained acceptance, the customers want the very same designs they hated in the beginning.

I’ve been busy with some other stuff too.  I’ll put that in another blog post.  I want to get a quilt onto the machine and do some much needed house cleaning done.  Thank you again for all the nice comments.

4 comments on “Back to work

  1. Sandra Smith
    April 7, 2013

    I had sent you a message about the mens tie quilt, it was pictured in dark red background, can a pattern be gotten for this? Or could you give me a price of doing a king size for me. My husband passed away and I’d like to have a quilt made from his ties. Please let me know.

    Sandy Smith

    • Na Na
      April 8, 2013

      Sending you an email reply.

  2. Joyful
    April 7, 2013

    So glad to hear your mother is doing much better! The quilt is lovely too. Just the right detail without froo froo. I’m sure he will love it.

    • Na Na
      April 8, 2013

      Thanks Penny

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