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I can pretend can’t I?

I have another quilt finished.  This one was a big quilt.  I get a lot of the really big quilts.

June 2013 001

The customer brought me the book containing the pattern for this quilt.  She asked if I could quilt her’s like the one in the book.  Yes, I can do that.  The original one, the one in the book, is quilted in an all over large meander with four large feathers  placed in the centers of the light areas.  I can’t show a photo of the book or the quilt in that book because of copyright issues.  The book is called Anka’s Treasures by Heather Mulder Peterson.  This lady did a very nice job of making her quilt from the pattern.  It’s almost a twin to the original.

I see lots and lots of quilts in books and magazines done with large meandering.  I believe it’s done so the maker can quickly meet a deadline.  Geeze, somebody needs better planning skills.  Hmm…. For this quilt I decided to pretend I had been chosen as the machine quilter of the original quilt.  My customer will get custom quilting for the meander price and I get to pretend my work is going to be in a magazine like in the past.  Yes, my quilting has been in a few magazines.  Long ago.

So, hmm, if I’m the quilter and I know this quilt will be put into a book, how would I want to quilt it?  It needs a really nice border design that won’t distract from the center piecing area.  Something that would make a judge take a closer look because she/he can’t quite make it out from a distance.  How about this one?  It has curves and curls to balance the angular parts of the center.  The thread is just light enough to show there is something there and then you want to have a closer look to see what it is.  So go ahead and click the photo for a closer look.

June 2013 002

Ok, that turned out pretty nice, what about the inside borders?  I already know I plan to do a simple outline of the log cabin blocks so maybe I should echo that idea?  Yes, I think that would work for both the dark and the light small borders.  How about a leafy design on the pieced border?  Um, maybe you will see it as pacing lines but I see a leaf.  Half on the yellow and half on the red.

June 2013 004

How about a look at the log cabin blocks?  I did an outline of the dark side of the cabins.  Oops!  In a photo the overlap of my stitching really shows.  If this were going into a real book I would not overlap.  I would tie and bury the thread.  Believe me, it shows up way more in a photo than it does in life.

June 2013 005

I decided to change the large feathers that were done on the original to large flowers instead.  Those were really nice feathers but I thought more flowers would be more appropriate for this quilt.  Flowers to go with flowers.  I did do the large meandering in the background around the applique and in the light area of the cabins.  I did it because that’s what the customer is expecting to see.   Everything else will just be a surprise.

June 2013 023

But; if this were going into a real book instead of a pretend one, I would probably go with a flower type of meander.  Similar to what I did on another customer’s quilt.  See the flower and leaf design in the background of this other quilt?

May 2013 017

I don’t know what happened to the photos of the center area.  I didn’t do anything different there.  Flower instead of a feather.  Yes, before you ask, I did have the customer’s permission to change the quilting design.  The customer picked it up yesterday and was very happy with it.  She also brought me a gift.  Someone she knows is not canning as much and sent me these 9 dozen jars.

FOODS 2013 148I don’t know which of us was more thrilled.  Her about getting custom quilting instead of large meandering or me about getting free jars.   I will keep one dozen and give the rest to the other neighborhood ladies.  Each will get four dozen plus new lids and rings that were given to me too.

It’s time to put another quilt onto the machine and I have a bunch of cherries to get picked.  Whew!  I need to clone myself a few times.  Now just where did I put my 3d copier?  Oh, I forgot, I don’t own one.  Guess I’ll just have to do everything myself.

One comment on “I can pretend can’t I?

  1. Cindy Nielsen
    June 18, 2013

    Hi Anita. As always, an excellent quilting job. I hope to one day be quilting for customers. I was RIFed (reduction in force) back in December and I apply for jobs every week but no luck. I guess that means I should get brave and start my business. Take care and I will keep watching for your next post.

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