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Adapting the metro rings continued

Now where was I?  Oh yes, I had just shown the way to be sure of a good 1/4 inch seam join.  If you’ve squared things up and done it correctly then that center seam should be pert’nehr perfect.

Modern wedding ring changes 2013 057The next step is to sew the corner stones onto the blocks.  It’s important that the corners be centered on each end.  One fabric color on one end and the other fabric color on the other end.  See the centered triangle points over the center seam line?  If you check to be sure those are in the right place then centering the triangles is easiest.

Modern wedding ring changes 2013 063Now put them in the “to sew” stack along with the other quilt tops being pieced.  Hmm… I might just get another PIGS (Project in Grocery Sack) project finished this year.  Two for the year is better than none.

Modern wedding ring changes 2013 062All done, both sides.    I do like assembly line sewing.   (and pressing, and pinning) Makes the task go so much faster for me.  Now to press and check to see how the points look.  Yippie!  No cut off points.

Modern wedding ring changes 2013 066 At either side.  Don’t the melon points look good?

Modern wedding ring changes 2013 065So now to square up the blocks.  This is my square up ruler.  See the diagonal line?  I put white paper under it so you could see the line better.  This diagonal line is important.  I also put a red dot at the place where the melon point should be under the ruler for all the blocks.  This makes it easier for me to “see” the right place among all those tiny black measure marks.  Senior eyes need help now and then.  BTW, if you click on the picture it will pop up in a larger size for easier viewing.  I love that wordpress feature.

Modern wedding ring changes 2013 067Lay that diagonal ruler line directly on the center sewing line of the block.  Like this.  Notice the red dots directly on the melon points?  Much easier to see, even in a picture.  The red dots make squaring up the blocks much faster too.

Modern wedding ring changes 2013 068Be double sure you have centered the ruler for a 10″ block before marking those red dots. When squaring up the block you will be cutting off a bit of the right side and a bit of the top side before turning the block around to square up the other two sides.

I have a couple of quilts to finish before I get back to this quilt top again.


2 comments on “Adapting the metro rings continued

  1. Joyful
    December 6, 2013

    You must be a very patient, detail person as you deal with so many quilt pieces and all of that work takes time and repetitive steps. The quilt you are working on looks good.

    • Na Na
      December 10, 2013

      Thank you. Hmm, I guess I am a detail person. I do love working with tiny pieces better than the large pieces. I’m a “throw away item” junkie. I can’t seem to resist anything in quantity that’s about to be put into the trash. I want to find new life or purpose for it.

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