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Sheila’s memory quilt

Remember the quilt with the special needs from earlier this month?  Well it’s done.  If you want to see the post of the special request the post is here.

Sheila's memory quilt 013

I did a feather vine along the borders.

Sheila's memory quilt 017

Here is another view.

Sheila's memory quilt 020

I did a piano key behind the feather vine and stippling behind the feathered bows.  I think I’m gonna like feathering some shapes in the future.

Sheila's memory quilt 014

I also did stippling behind the hexie flowers to make them poof out. I also did straight lines on the photo squares but not on the photo itself.  I won’t show those close up because of the personal information it contains.

Sheila's memory quilt 019

For some reason the photos won’t click to enlarge anymore.  I’m not sure if it is something I’ve done, something with my computer, something with wordpress, or what.  I tried all afternoon yesterday to fix the problem so the photos could be enlarged without luck.  I’ll keep trying though.  Anyone have any advice to give me about wordpress and the photos?

UPDATE:  I hope the photos of this quilt will enlarge now.  I had to click on the first photo to get a large image then I had to use the “next image” button to view the other photos.

Sheila's quilt 012

Teri, you have your “no reply” turned on so I can’t email you.   I hope this helps you see the design better.  If not, let me know.  I’ll try something else.

This was simple freehand work but I did draw a very light guide line for the spine with a piece of quilter’s chalk.  The guideline let me know which way to curve and when to end the branch.

The quilt is on it’s way home and I’m nervous.  I told the quilt owner “If you are not happy with it, just remember I will pick the whole thing out and do it over.” or something like that.  Of course the owner wanted to know what was wrong with it.  She was concerned.  Truthfully, nothing is wrong with it. A bad choice of words on my part.  I have a hard time with words sometimes.  What I was trying to explain is that the quilt turned out differently than I had envisioned in my mind.  Not wrong, just different.  I had envisioned more of a trapunto effect of the feathers.  The narrow border made it necessary to make the feather vine really small.  Small doesn’t translate well into trapunto.  So, if the owner is not happy with a low loft design then I ‘m willing to pick it all out and try again.


2 comments on “Sheila’s memory quilt

  1. Ann Godwin, SC
    April 26, 2014

    It is lovely…what a great job you did…congratulations!

    • Na Na
      April 27, 2014

      Than you Ann.

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