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Now or never

Happy Independence Day to all the readers.  I hope you are enjoying great food, happy family time, and friendly neighbors.  Be careful with the fireworks tonight if you are setting them off yourself.

Well I had an appointment with a new doctor that is not part of an overcrowded clinic.  It was a much different atmosphere.  The doctor I will eventually be seeing is accepting only a limited number of new patients per month. Her calendar is full until September so my appointment with her is scheduled for late  September.  In the mean time I saw her NP assistant who is not limited on the number of patients.  This NP had xray done on my arm and shoulder. I have bone loss which cannot be fixed.  The reason for the pain is because I had rickets as a baby.  Rickets creates brittle bones that cause problems later in life.  Now that I’m actually in the “later in life” stage I need to be much more careful what I do.

I have several other medical tests scheduled to be completed before September.  I’m really worried about the costs of all these doctor visits and tests and how far in debt I’m getting myself.  Yes, I do have Medicare but it doesn’t pay 100%.  It’s up to me to pay the balance.  I’m stressed about how I will pay my part.  I can’t rely on the quilting income anymore.  Here’s why.

Swinging an 80 pound quilting machine around for several hours, day after day, is not going to work anymore.  I’m limited to a small amount of time working with the machine before pain happens.  Increasing the number of quilts to be done is not the answer.  I can barely work on the quilts I already have here waiting to be done.  I need to look at other income options.

June 2010 026

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an artist.  I think now is the time to either go for it or forget it completely.  Some of my readers may remember how very much I’ve wanted to become a recognized artist my whole life?  If you click on the “select category” button on the right side of my blog you will see at the top of the pop up list that I started writing blog posts about my art journey back in 2007.  I’ve decided that It’s now or never for me. Either I start to create art now or I simply forget about it forever.

The favorite of my own quilts

The favorite of my own quilts 

Seven years have gone by since I wrote that first art journey post and I’m no closer to being an artist than I was back then.  Maybe it’s already to late.  Maybe I’m just too old to start a new career.  Maybe I’m not good enough.  The only thing that I know to do is try.  If, by some miracle, I manage to actually sell something it would mean I succeeded.

I’m gonna get off the computer and go watch the neighborhood kids in a bounce house at the corner.  The people who rent one every year on July 4th are giving one big giant birthday party for all their grands.  They had 11 children and now have countless grands and great grands.


Organizing 2014 155


For that couple this is the most economical way to give everyone something for their birthday.  They block off the street and have one big party.  Then they are all done for another year.  There will be fireworks all over the place tonight.  I and the furkid will be setting on the porch to watch for awhile.

2 comments on “Now or never

  1. Beth in AZ
    July 8, 2014

    Anita, I think you ARE good enough…and no its not too late. Pat yourself on the back for having the courage to try…and GO FOR IT! I will be a willing cheerleader!

  2. kathi
    July 6, 2014

    DO IT. just DO IT NOW……. We all have these desires of our hearts. We all tend to put them off because “the others” or even that inner demon will say.. not good enough. you might fail, etc etc. it’s just Fear. Everybody has that………….. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOu have MORE talent in your little finger than i have in my ENTIRE BODY………… DO IT. Everyone has fear, it’s WORKING THRU those fears and inner voices that makes you a HERO. and a success. YOU KNOW THIS. look at ALL you have gone thru, and I am sure many times feeling fearful……………

    side note. “the others” told me. DON’T take David on ling trips, etc……and a HUGE LIST of all the HORRIBLE things that might happen. that in THEIR “professional views” COULD happen. WE WENT. we had a WONDERFUL time. Worth EVERY second of the few “oh oh” moments.

    JUST DO IT. but do it NOW. and DO it AFRAID…………because it IS going to be WONDERFUL!!!!

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