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I did this

This is one of the paintings I did in Hollis’ class.  Can you tell what it is?

Loucon 2014 057

How about now?

Loucon 2014 058

I was so focused on learning the process that I forgot to take photos as I worked.  The hand drawing is her’s.  The painting is mine using her drawing.  She had several we could choose to use.  Look at this class sample done by Hollis.  That’s why she is the teacher and I’m a student.

Loucon 2014 051Here is the other one I did in class.  It is also one of Hollis’ we were allowed to use.  The sketching on the left is a possible stitching designs to do on the painted fabric.

Loucon 2014 059While I sat in class waiting for things, I pulled out my sketchbook and played around.  I can’t seem to simply set still.  I feel the need to be doing something all the time.  At first I was making little sketches suitable for putting on customer quilts and then it dawned on me…. I don’t have customers anymore.

Loucon 2014 070

So I started looking at my own hand and deciding how I’ll go about doing the quilting on this hand quilt if I finish it someday.  The mod painting one will be easy, the hand, not so easy.

Loucon 2014 068

A really nice lady, named Elsbeth, from the group mailed me a book about drawing people.   I believe it’s going to be a great help for me.  Once I get started.  It seems I’ve done lots of other things the last few days instead of concentrating on the one thing I want most. I’ve been procrastinating by house cleaning or internet surfing or cooking.  Maybe it’s an artist block or something?  Anyway, today I’m spending time in my studio again.  Even if I only do a bit of cleaning it should help get me motivated.

One comment on “I did this

  1. kathi
    September 22, 2014

    YOU are AMAZING……………. don’t EVER compare YOUR ART to the art of “the others”.. SO HAPPY as in JUMPING UP AND DOWN SNOOPY DANCE……………YOU MADE IT……………..
    enjoy………………YOU are so SPECIAL………….jsut DO YOU………………..that’s what ART IS ya know………….DUH!!!

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