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Can’t focus

I’m having a hard time getting 2015 started.  Here it is almost the middle of January and I can’t seem to get my year going.  I believe I’m just overwhelmed with the large number of  “want to do” and the “really should do” items on my lists.  Grandma Mama would have said I have too many fire pokers and no fire.  So I need to start a fire.

I read books.  Lots of books.

Cleaning and organizing 2015 003

I watched quilting DVDs.  Several of them and a few movies too.

Cleaning and organizing 2015 004I put a quilt on the machine that I started way back last spring.  I thought I would have it finished to give as a Christmas present.  Didn’t happen.  Maybe it will get finished in time for next Christmas.

Cleaning and organizing 2015 001


I fondled fabric. I cleaned.  I cooked.  I reworked some of my many lists and printed those.  I even started removing the fabric from my vintage love seat so I can reupholster it.  There are thousands of staples in it and every single one of them must be removed.  That’s a very slow process.

Upholster the couch 2015


Nothing is affecting me in a way that says “pick me, pick me” yet.  So I go through each day bouncing from one project to another.  A little of this.  A little of that.  Something will happen.  I know it will.  It always does.  I just have to wait until it happens.  This year it seems to be taking longer than usual.



6 comments on “Can’t focus

  1. debmoyes
    January 23, 2015

    It can be hard to get going. I was all crazy to get the TMMP quilt done and now that it’s done I’m not sure what to do next. I have a messed up, already started quilt to quilt, but I’m not sure what quilt to start sewing on…a UFO or something new. I love starting new projects but then I often don’t finish them. Sometimes I just want to piece a square to see how it goes together, I think. And maybe they get made into a quilt… One project I am mulling over would be that, a sampler quilt of sorts. Keep in touch!

    • Na Na
      January 23, 2015

      I tend to start new projects before finishing current ones too. I believe most quilters are the same way. I’m working on changing that for this year.

  2. kathi
    January 13, 2015

    ah yes. JANUARY. a time to re organize, AGAIN. a time to make the lists, AGAIN. I am right with you. What do i NEED to do vs What do i WANT to do. and SO MUCH to DO,, i am “stalled out”.. BUT we will figure it out eventually, I am certain. HAPPY NEW YEAR friend.

    • Na Na
      January 13, 2015

      Happy new year to you Kathi! I’m grateful there IS another AGAIN. Many people are gone now and there won’t be anymore AGAIN for them.

  3. Beth in AZ
    January 11, 2015

    Oh Anita! I have been the same bouncy way! I think its many things in my case- the biggest being that everyone seems to have a monopoly on my time but ME! That and the fact that i have not been home 3 weeks in a row since August…and I have to go back to TX to help my dad move/downsize. No wonder I wander around my house/sewing room/longarm! As soon as I return, I am going to be watching my new granddaughter full time till she gets a bit older. How much do you think I will get done with HER to cuddle??? lol Guess I will just go with the flow and sandwich in my piecing and quilting where I can…heres hoping we can BOTH focus on something we like!!

    • Na Na
      January 13, 2015

      I seem to be one of a bunch of people feeling the same way. You think it’s something in the air? Kidding. I guess it’s just the nature of motherly types to be bouncing from one project to another. We multi=task.

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