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Working on the first quilt

I have only three quilts on my waiting list right now.  I’m planning something special for all three to celebrate returning to quilting.  I started with the smallest one because it should help me get into the routine of working again without too much strain on my arm or effecting my health.   I am doing a faux trapunto on this one.   I’m using two battings.  One is wool and one is bamboo.  I stabilized the top to the backing. I did a couple of feathers on the border.  DANG!  Why did I not remember the feathers are supposed to be puffy, not flat.  These are just too flat.  Have to do some frog stitching.

Quilting 2015 020

So the frog stitching is done.  I do what is called skinning a quilt for the frog stitching.  By the way, do you know the best way to remove the tiny threads that result from skinning a quilt.  Ok, let me explain that skinning a quilt is when you clip the stitching threads between the backing and batting instead of from the top.  This prevents damage to the top. Skinning is done while the quilt remains attached to the quilting machine.  Skinning creates tiny thread bits which are a pain to remove.

Quilting 2015 023

I used to use tweezers and lint rollers to get those threads but then I found a better way.  These days I erase the thread bits.  Yup, erase.

Quilting 2015 024

I bought one of those really big, hand size, erasers.  I simply rub and the threads ball up to be removed. Isn’t that neat?  Well with that done I started doing the feathers over again only this time I left the centers of the plums puffy.

Quilting 2015 027

I’ll be going back to flatten the background behind the feathers after some of the quilting is done in the center area.  Its always best to quilt evenly over the quilt if possible.  This helps prevent tucks.  I’m very glad the customers are allowing me to work at a slower pace.  I really like working for quality instead of quantity.

This is Thunder over Louisville weekend.  Tonight is the big GIANT fireworks that kicks off two weeks of Kentucky Derby celebrations.  I’m watching it on tv.  It will be too crowded this year with a major part of the watching area under flood water.



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