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Quilting progress

I’ve had some issues to deal with this week.  The most urgent was my mother and her disappearing clothing.  I received one too many phone calls saying she needed clothes so I took charge and dealt with it.  I won’t repeat all the details here because you can read more about that on my pinching pennies blog. I still have a couple of other issues to deal with but those can wait a few days.

I don’t want my few readers to think I’ve abandoned my quilting.  I have worked on this quilt everyday. Making a little progress but not nearly as fast as I’d like.  I would rather be good than fast so I’m working for the details instead of just getting it done.  Here I’ve created some “ghost images” in the quilting.  That would be an image you are not quite sure is there until you take a closer look.  Just like seeing a ghost image in a photo.

Quilts - Gordon 003I wanted to do a diagonal design on this one.  Diagonals are difficult for me to do.  My machine does not want to cooperate going at a diagonal.  Instead of a square design I chose a diamond shaped cross hatching design.

Quilts - Gordon 005I’m working on it, slowly, but still at it.  I’m seriously hoping the customer is not too anxious for me to return his quilt. I believe it will be worth the wait.

Quilts - Gordon 007I’ve also been playing around with designs for another quilt to be done.  Sometimes I play with designs long before actually starting the quilting.  Other times I can’t think of a design until the quilt is actually on the machine.  I don’t have a way to put a photo of the quilt in a computer to draw designs so I use wax paper and markers instead.  I sure wish I did though.

Quilts - Sheila 2015So, now I’m off the computer and headed for the quilting machine.  I believe I have a half day free to do nothing but quilt before I go check on my mother.  Just in case I haven’t said it before….. I’m so happy to be quilting again!  I can usually work for at least 3 hours before my arm starts hurting or I feel tired.  A day of rest and I can quilt more.  I feel as if I get stronger each day.


4 comments on “Quilting progress

  1. Linda in NE
    April 26, 2015

    Yep, stuff goes missing in nursing homes. By the time we got there to clean out my FIL’s room the day after he passed away the quilt I had made him had disappeared. The lady supervising us hemmed & hawed, suggesting maybe another family member had already taken it. Nope, we were all there. I looked her in the eye and said, “Find it!” She wasn’t happy about it but in about 15 minutes she came back with it. It was pretty obvious that somebody had had their eye on that quilt.

    • Na Na
      April 27, 2015

      The workers can’t use the excuse “its in the laundry” anymore because I’m the laundry. So now anything missing becomes a legal matter. They still have not found my mothers quilt. I’m working on a new one for her.

  2. Cindy Nielsen
    April 26, 2015

    You are amazing! A real inspiration. You take care of your mother and now you are getting stronger and can do your quilting again.

    • Na Na
      April 27, 2015

      Yes, its slow going but I’m back to quilting. I’ll never be working 16 hour days again and I’m fine with that. I like the baby quilt you did.

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