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Making some progress

I’m still working on the same quilt.  Dealing with other issues has put me behind schedule but I believe the design is perfect for this one and worth the wait.  I hope the customer feels the same way.  This is definitely not a design for quilting in a hurry or for quilts that will see lots of abuse.

I finished the feathers around the border and the background behind them.  The feathers are now slightly puffy.

Quilts - Gordon 2015 021I’m still working on the diagonal design.  This is much more time consuming than I had originally thought.

Quilts - Gordon 2015 024

I do love a challenge quilt and this one certainly has done that!  The design is a diamond, inside a diamond, inside a diamond, inside a diamond design.  I can do only half a diamond, stop, cut the thread, and then do the other half, stop, cut the thread, start the next diamond.  Lots of stops and starts on this one.  I’m not quite sure how many diamonds will end up in the finished design.  I will write more about my process once the quilt is done.


2 comments on “Making some progress

  1. jenyjenny
    May 10, 2015

    Looks gorgeous!

  2. Susan Dwyer
    May 1, 2015

    It looks lovely!!

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