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Bobby’s quilt finished

This one was finished in May.  Bobby likes minimal quilting and always asks for it.  I thought a dark blue thread too dark on the white and white thread too bright on the blue squares so I chose a very pale, almost white, blue grey thread.  It was just right for going over both colors.
Quilts - Bobby 2015 001On this quilt Bobby wanted just a simple crosshatching except not on the embroidery squares.

Quilts - Bobby 2015 010

The corners of the snowball embroidery blocks are loose and were not to be stitched down.  I stitched a line just barely under the loose corners in order to have continuous lines of stitching.

Quilts - Bobby 2015 009

She wanted meandering on the snowball blocks but without any stitching on top of the design.  I used a clear monofiliment thread for the meandering.

Quilts - Bobby 2015 008This is a view of the back.  When she picked up the quilt she said it was exactly how she wanted it quilted.

Quilts - Bobby 2015 011

I’ve not gotten a lot of quilts finished this year due to so much time spent away from home and the problem with my arm.  I hope things get better soon.


2 comments on “Bobby’s quilt finished

  1. kathi
    June 20, 2015

    it is quilted PERFECTLY. especially when the customer says EXACTLY what SHE wanted. WELL DONE.

    • Frugalwarrior2
      July 11, 2015

      I agree.She sure has talent and skill.

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