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Nancy’s quilt

I’ve been quite busy finishing quilts and other life stuff that has limited my time on the computer. Today was drop off day for the fair entries.  Thank goodness those are done!  I felt it better to stay at the quilting machine than to set at the computer writing in order to get them all finished on time. I failed to finish the last one but its a good start of next year’s quilts.

I’ll be showing the quilt finishes one at a time, in no particular order, in separate posts so I can list them on my 2015 finishes list. As always you can click the photo to make it larger and see better details of the quilting. This is the first one.  It belongs to my SIL Nancy.

Quilts - Nancy 2015 009

There is a LOT of ruler work in this one.  This photo was taken while it was still on the machine and being quilted. I had great window light that day.

Quilts - Nancy 2015 007

I did a freehand design on the top and bottom borders.

Quilts - Nancy 2015 005

I did another freehand design on the first inside border.  The thread doesn’t show up much from the front so here it is from the back.

Quilts - Nancy 2015 016

I did a straight line and bubble design on the next inside border.

Quilts - Nancy 2015 017

I did a flower design in the center of the straight line on point boxes.

Quilts - Nancy 2015 018

I did the binding for her as she wasn’t feeling well.  I chose to do a machine binding with a tiny flange.

Quilts - Nancy 2015 024

This one is ta done!  It was dropped off at the fair today.  She has decided this will be her very last quilt. She can’t do the work anymore.  That’s why I did special quilting on it for her.  It was time consuming but worth it.

7 comments on “Nancy’s quilt

  1. kathi
    August 17, 2015

    all OF THE QUILTS ARE LOVELY. BUT YES, this one looks very special. A true work of love on your part.

  2. Beth in AZ
    August 16, 2015

    this is lovely! I am sure she will appreciate all the extra work. I hope it gets ribbon!

    • Na Na
      August 17, 2015

      Thanks, she’s very proud of her quilt.

  3. Linda
    August 15, 2015

    Beautiful quilting. I hope you are proud of yourself!

    • Na Na
      August 16, 2015

      It was a bit out of my comfort zone but I liked it.

  4. Ann Godwin, SC
    August 15, 2015

    As usual your work is fantastic and your heart is in the right spot. Stay well.

    • Na Na
      August 15, 2015

      Thank you Ann, you too.

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