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Opening day at the fair

It was opening day of the fair.  I got one ribbon.  An honorable mention on this quilt.  The one that I failed to take a picture of before I dropped it off.

State fair 2015 001

My SIL got a third place ribbon on her quilt.  Its her first ribbon.

State fair 2015 002

This quilt confused me.  This one is in the featured category which is Art Quilts.  It got four ribbons but are they official ribbons or just part of the quilt design?

State fair 2015 003

Here is a close up view of one of the ribbons.  You should be able to click it to see it larger.  What do you think?  Real or part of the design?  Ok, its just a part of the 3D art design.  In my opinion this not really a quilt.  Its textile art sculpture.  But, I’m not a judge.

State fair 2015 004

Here is another of the big winners.  She/he must have studied with Hollis Chatelain.  Its very much like something Hollis would have done.  The name tag was missing so I couldn’t get a name.  This is more like what I would call an art “quilt”.  Its three layers like a quilt should be.

State fair 2015 006

Dang it! The batteries on my camera ran out and there are no more photos.  I’ll be going back again a couple of times before the fair is over. I’ll take more photos.  Maybe by then the workers will have located the name tag that goes with that quilt.

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