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Fair again

I solved the mystery of the ribbons.  There actually are four ribbons for four winners.  They were made by this group to be presented in the art quilt category.  I guess people complained about the missing winner information on the quilts because this time the information is now there in all the glass cases.

State fair 2015 021

I was mistaken, there actually were four quilts in the one glass case.  These people are the winners of the four specially made ribbons.  Robert Harley has won this category the last 8 or 9, maybe 10 years in a row. Personally, I would not want one of those ribbons.  Why?  Well, since those are not stamped with the official fair logo, how will anyone be convinced these were actually fair winning quilts?  Anyone can create an embroidered ribbon these days.

State fair 2015 020

This quilt got two best machine quilt/quilting ribbons.

State fair 2015 009

The stitching was computer guided.  No wonder it won two ribbons for best machine quilt/quilting.

State fair 2015 014

The quilt was done by Mary Gilbert.

State fair 2015 010

Now what next?  Ok, how about another best execution of the quilting stitch.  This one is done by hand.

State fair 2015 015

Very nice work and I like it very much.  Lots and lots of hand stitching on that one.

State fair 2015 016The best of show winner was done by Gwen Receveur.  Nice quilt.  Machine made and machine quilted.

State fair 2015 017

I feel as if I’d seen this one before.  Maybe at another quilt show earlier this year?  That’s possible.

State fair 2015 018

That’s all I could get for this trip.  Ladybug was anxious to go to other parts of the fair to see the sights and ride the rides.  I did lots and lots of walking.  12 hours worth.



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