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Neda’s quilt

Neda loves really BIG quilts.  The ones she creates just barely fit on my machine.  She was unable to finish putting the border on so I did it for her.  I call this medium custom quilting because every piece got a different design but there is no ruler work.

Quilts - Neda 2015 001

This is the border design.

Quilts - Neda 2015 003

The designs on the long pieces.

Quilts - Neda 2015 004

The design on some of the smaller squares.

Quilts - Neda 2015 005

The design on other long strips.

Quilts - Neda 2015 006

The design on other small squares and rectangles.

Quilts - Neda 2015 007

The design on the larger squares.

Quilts - Neda 2015 008

There were many shapes with different designs stitched on each.  Looking at the back will give you a better view.

Quilts - Neda 2015 013

She wanted a light color thread so the quilt could be used reversed sometime.

Quilts - Neda 2015 014

I could keep posting photos but the new year has begun.  Time to end the posting of quilts finished in 2015 and move on.

At the moment I have the flu.  I’ll be going back to bed after I drink some chicken broth.  I may not post again for a few days.



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