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Sheila’s quilt

Sheila’s quilt is called a sampler quilt because it contains many different quilt blocks.  I don’t have wall space to take full photos so I lay the quilts on my 4′ by 8′ work table.  This is one side.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 014

This is the other side.  The quilt has lots of lines and angles with some flowers so that’s the type quilting I thought would work best.  Of course there has to be a bit of whimsy now and then too.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 041

Sampler quilts mean lots of different quilting designs.  I’ll show a few of them.  This is the border around one large section.  Its a leafy curl next to straight lines on the tiny pieced sashing which is next to a loop line which is next to more straight lines on the flower blocks.  Click the photo to see it better.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 016

I did line dancing on the pieces in this area which happened to create a flower inside the darkest pieces.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 022

I did straight lines in the sashing of this area and a flower in the pieced star centers to carry the theme of flowers and leaves and straight lines throughout the quilting.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 029

This is the flower blocks of the section shown above.  I outlined inside and outside of the flowers next to the loopy line.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 017

I did straight lines and flowers in this area too.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 036

This is one of several star blocks where I put outlining inside and outside with a flower in the centers.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 027

Next to that star block is the outside border of the quilt.  I did a leaf made of straight line and points so the whole quilt has the same quilting theme.

Quilts - Sheila 2016 015

Quilts look better in person than they do in photos.  I hope in my new house I’ll be able to photo quilts using a photo wall.  I won’t know until I get there.  I’m hopeful I’ll be all moved by the end of June or early July.  I had this quilt and Ann’s  ready to mail on Saturday.  Our mail person doesn’t usually get to my area until around 7 pm but on Saturday there was a substitute who came early morning.  I missed her so they will go in the mail on Monday.


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