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Roller blade wheels

I use a drafting chair on wheels in my quilting studio.  There is always thread bits and lint and dust on the floor no matter how often I dust.  That stuff gets inside the chair wheels making it very difficult to move around.

About once a year I would need to  replace the chair wheels because they would get all yucky and compacted and wouldn’t move.  There simply isn’t a way to clean them so I’d have to replace.  That can be a large expense.  Here’s what they looked like a couple of weeks ago.  What you can’t see is how tightly they are compacted inside.

Food and kitchen 2016 165

When I was looking for replacement wheels I wanted something that would be easy to keep clean.  I wanted exposed rather than hidden whatever that thingy is called.  Axle?  The part that lets the wheels roll.  I’m having a senior moment here.  So while looking for castor wheels I found these roller blade wheels.  They are fantastic!

Food and kitchen 2016 157

They really are like roller blades for chairs.  WHEE!  WHEE! WHEE!  I’m roller blade zipping around my quilting studio.  I have to be careful though because the chair can zip right out from under me when I set down.  I should be able to clean them easily because the axle is exposed.

These are from PenTrean.  I found them through Amazon.  They come in a set of five for a very reasonable price.  I love these new wheels.

2 comments on “Roller blade wheels

  1. Theresa
    April 27, 2016

    I think your solution is very smart. The chair wheels remind me of my vacuum cleaner beater bar. I have to clean that every few weeks. Long hair, dog hair and thread really gathers. And even after vacuuming, I get what I call “floating clouds of dog hair.”

    • Anita
      April 28, 2016

      Yes, I can relate to that beater bar problem. I’m glad I switched to laminate flooring.

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