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Theresa’s quilt finished

I’m gonna call this one an issue quilt but it has absolutely nothing to do with the piecing of the top.  The top is pieced really well.  The first issue (though a minor one) is a pieced backing that has a center panel.  The center panel having a seam all the way around it. Design wise this can be pleasing if someone wanted to display the quilt upside down on a bed once in awhile.  I get quilts with solid color backing for that same reason.  The reverse side is like a whole cloth quilt to display.

As a quilter I prefer to have seams running horizontal to the roller bars because a seam that is wrapped on the bar only once is not a problem.  However, seams going vertical around the bar many times on top of itself creates a buildup of fabric in that one spot while the fabric around it stays loose and floppy.  For lack of a better description.  With a center panel there is always a buildup of two seams no matter which way its attached to the leaders.

The second issue is keeping the panel centered.  Its hard to know its staying centered when we can’t see the backing as the quilt is advanced.  Over the years I’ve learned a trick or two for keeping it centered.  I do call them issue quilts but just for a description.

Anyway, this one turned out just fine with no tucks and the panel is pretty close to centered both ways.  It may be off by half an inch. This is one side.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 010

This is the other side.  Sorry about the dark photos.  We’ve had several days of clouds or rain which means a difficult time getting enough light.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 011

I did a weaving feather along the outside border using two different thread colors.  Both are close in value but enough difference to show the weaving effect.  In the center of the feathers I did a meander to give definition to the feathers.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 012

I did an echo around the feathers and piano key lines around that.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 013

In the blocks I did some lines to form boxes then did a flower inside the smallest box.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 016

Inside the sashing I did a flower, leaf, and curl design.  I really like this design and use it often.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 014

The design is longer around the outside and shorter inside the pieced area.  The curls meet at the mid-point of the blocks.  Compare the photo above and the photo below.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 015

And, as I said, the pieced back is centered with no tucks in the backing.  I folded it on the table so the sides of the panel would show in the photo.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 017

Its now traveling its way back home.  I hope you like it Theresa.  It looks better in person.

4 comments on “Theresa’s quilt finished

  1. Kathleen Frye
    May 17, 2016

    Looks great.
    I am still fascinated by your quilt pictured in your avatar.
    Did you ever find your notes or pattern?

    • Anita
      May 18, 2016

      My memory isn’t good. I forget which avatar? The girl and dog or the bubbles? I completely forgot to look. I’m sorry. I probably don’t have the girl and dog pattern anymore. The girl and dog was a drawing I did based on either a greeting card or coloring page. I can’t remember which exactly. I learned to draw while watching educational tv with my kids. There was a man who taught elementary art in cartoon fashion. That’s why my art always looks cartoon y. The bubbles quilt I don’t remember having a pattern. It was based on a technique taught on Simply Quilts way back when the show was free on educational tv. The person who taught the technique was either Barbara Olson or Colleen Wise. Does that help?

  2. Theresa
    May 16, 2016

    Wow! It looks beautiful! The white space is a lot like a whole cloth quilt, your work really makes this quilt.

    • Anita
      May 17, 2016

      Thanks Theresa, glad you like it.

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