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Bobby’s quilt

This is Bobby’s quilt.  All the photos should be clickable to see them larger.  This is the left side.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 014

This is the right side.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 022

I’m calling this an issue quilt because it has extra padding behind the applique blocks but not behind the sashing between the blocks.  It can be difficult to keep the quilt straight when rolling it on the leader bars.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 009

I did a simple stitch in the ditch around the applique.  I prefer to quilt something in the background around the applique but I was fighting with the machine to go over the two battings.  When my machine is moved to the new house and serviced I plan to have the tech guy raise the hopping foot a bit to prevent having that problem in the future.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 019

I did a simple flower and leaf design on the outside border which is difficult to see.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 017

So here it is from the back.  It mimics the flowers of the applique.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 018

I did  continuous curves on the 1st inside border.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 016

I did a leaf vine on the next inside border.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 015

I did a simple stitch in the ditch of the sashing around the blocks.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 020

The reason I did open and loose or simple stitch in the ditch was to keep the quilting somewhat even throughout the quilt.  It would have been wrong and look awful to do heavy quilting in other areas while keeping the blocks sparce.  In order to keep a quilt flat and even the quilting really should be as close to even density as possible.

She has already done quilting on the blocks so those will hold nicely when washed.

Quilts - Bobby 2016 012

I’m putting the next quilt on the machine today.  I should be able to get it stabilized and then I’ll do more packing for my move.

One comment on “Bobby’s quilt

  1. Linda
    May 27, 2016

    Whoever Bobby is, she certainly picked pretty colors for her quilt. Love the quilting!

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