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Quilt finished

This is Theresa’s quilt.  She is getting to see it finished the same time as the other readers.  I’ve had it finished for awhile but I’ve been gone from home almost everyday for about a month and neglected to send it on its way home.  Sorry Theresa.  That’s not like me.  I’ll explain about my absence from blogging in another post.  Nothing is wrong, just been busy with life.

Theresa told me this would be an issue quilt before sending it to me.  It was made in her early years of learning to quilt.  We all know how that was.  I do love working on the issue quilts and the challenge of making them into a finished quilt.  All the photos should be clickable for enlarged and closer viewing.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 049

This is one side showing it on my intake table.  I haven’t figured out a good place to take photos of finished quilts other than on the table.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 059

This is the other side of the finished quilt. The lighting in the room is still not the best but it IS light.  Better than no lights at all.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 051

The fullness in the quilt will always be there but the quilting can make it much less noticeable.  A done quilt is a usable quilt.  All quilts regardless of piecing ability of the maker should be finished and loved.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 057

I did a fancy type feather design on the border.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 052

I did a version of that feather in some of the triangles and a leaf design on the opposite triangles.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 053

I did a type of leaf flower design in other triangles.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 044

I did a leaf design on the solid squares.

Quilts - Theresa 2016 054

As you can see from the photos the fullness is now tamed and less noticeable.  I used a signature thread called beige taupe.  The color draws attention away from the fullness issue without over powering the overall design of the top.  Well that’s my opinion anyway.  So now the quilt is boxed and ready to return to its forever home.  Just as soon as I find her email to let her know its done.  Geeze, moving can be such a hassle.  Stuff gets lost alot.  I’ll go work on a post about my life happenings now.


2 comments on “Quilt finished

  1. Theresa
    September 2, 2016

    It looks much better than it has a right to, given how out-of-flat it was. It was made in 1989 or 90, before I had rotary cutters and mats, using plastic templates and scissors. I love the leaves on the white squares, it looks just beautiful.

    • Anita
      September 18, 2016

      Thanks Theresa. I’m glad you like the designs on it.

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