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Lost my favorite patterns

Today there was no doctor appointments, no dental appointments, no chauffeuring duties, no babysitting, no workmen arriving to do stuff.  Just a whole day of doing whatever I want to do.

Well, I started by putting up the drapes in my bedroom and moving the furniture around for a better fit.  The room had no rod holders so I had to do that first.  Putting a screw for the rod holder into these walls is like going through concrete.  I used a drill to make pilot holes first.  I also did what I could to close the areas around the widow air conditioner for winter.  I’ve done a lot of energy saving things since moving here and posted about them on my frugal living blog.


Later I got out the cutting board, the iron, and the sewing machine and decided to get started on some quilts of my own.  There are a couple of quilt patterns I bought at least ten years ago that I really, really wanted to make.  I kept those patterns guarded and safe for all these years.  About once a year I’d take them out and wish for a time when I could make them.  Then I’d put them away again because customer quilts needed to be quilted.   I kept them with my most treasured quilt patterns.  Several I had designed myself and some were bought because I really liked the design.  All together there would be about 15 or so of those treasured patterns.  Some of the patterns were from the art quilts I had done for the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge a few years ago and a couple were from art quilts made as charity fundraisers.


One of those treasured patterns was one by Karen Stone called “Enticement”.  I needed something to concentrate on for awhile and give me an idea of how to make my studio work for me.  I decided to start with the Karen Stone pattern because its very intricate.  Karen’s patterns are not for anyone intimidated by precise and complicated patterns.   I’ve loved that design since she made it and sold the pattern.  I had planned all along to make it for a very special person.  Well now that I’ve got time to work on me projects its time to work on special quilts.  I decided to look for that pattern and its GONE!  They all are.  I can’t find any of my treasures anywhere.  I believe I may have mistakenly given them away in a box of fabric donations.  Now I’m really sad.

Well, not to be undone by loosing a favorite pattern, I got on the internet looking for it.  Surely someone may be selling a used copy.  Nope, there isn’t a single copy, new or used, anywhere to be found.  I’m so disappointed.  I’m pretty sure I could draw out the pattern but its not gonna be the same.  I did find that I could purchase EQ7 and possibly get a copy of it that way.  Well, I own EQ6 and never used it.  Why? Because I never learned how.  Buying EQ7 just for one pattern that might be in a software I’ll never use is a pretty silly waste of money.  Maybe eventually a used copy of the pattern will show up on amazon or something.  Anyone have a copy they’d be willing to loan me for a couple of days?


I couldn’t start with that pattern so I pulled out a couple of my UFOs to work on.  I believe by actually working on a few projects I’ll figure out the best way to use my studio.  It needs feng shui.  Over the next few days I plan to organize all my UFOs in some kind of working order.  Providing, of course, I’m not called away for a dental appointment or by a chauffeur request or babysitting.

8 comments on “Lost my favorite patterns

  1. debmoyes
    November 25, 2016

    That’s sad. I am mourning the loss of three of my favorite pairs earrings! We went on vacation and I think my little jewelry case fell out of my suitcase in one hotel. I called all around when I realized that I didn’t have it and no one reported it missing… A maid in a Hyatt Place in FL made out very well! One pair was worth nothing but I loved them. One pair was cloisonne and lovely and expensive One pair had been my mother’s, which I had made into pierced earrings for me…
    Is your pattern in that KKStone book you show? I’m fairly sure I have it. (I need to do a studio reorg and tidy up for sure!) I can look for it…

    • Anita
      November 25, 2016

      Hi Deb, yes that is sad loosing the jewelry that meant so much. I’ve lost precious memory items too and know it hurts. I hope you had a good holiday.

      Thanks Deb. I appreciate the thought. Actually the pattern I lost is not in the book. I have that book. It was a pattern sold individually about 10 years ago called Enticement. Now its only available as an add on to the EQ7 software. I have EQ6 and never used it so I see no value is buying the 7 version. I had hoped someone would have the old pattern to sell or loan me or else have the software to print me a copy. I have everything to make the quilt except the pattern. I keep hoping it will eventually turn up inside of something as I keep unpacking.

  2. kathi
    November 8, 2016

    oh Anita. i am SOOOO SORRY. I am praying that you DO FIND those patterns. ah. HOPE. still unpacked boxes. GOOD. I only have EQ 5 and laugh as i also never had time to learn how to use that. and it seems like so much FUN to me.

    and yes, your bedroom is MAGNIFICENT. so PRETTY. and LOVELY. It must be so nice to be there, and feel SAFE. HOpefully those patterns are just hiding from you, somewhere safe also.

    • Anita
      November 19, 2016

      Its a different world here in the immediate area. When I leave to catch a bus the world changes. I still have not found the patterns. I guess they are lost forever.

      Yup, EQ sounds fun but I found its not really user friendly. They really should work on that part. I also have an old version of Quilters business manager and never use it either. I resented that I’m required to buy a copy for every computer and a new license to use them every year. In my opinion that’s more costly than Microsoft. At least with it you can put it on more than one computer and update only when you want.

  3. Jasna
    November 7, 2016

    Sending lots of good vibes so that you can get a copy of that lovely pattern soon!!!

    • Anita
      November 7, 2016

      Thanks I appreciate that. I’m really hoping the patterns are still here and just not found. I’ve more boxes to unpack.

  4. Linda
    November 7, 2016

    Aaaarrrrggghhhh! I am so sorry! On a positive note, your bedroom looks very pretty.

    • Anita
      November 7, 2016

      Thanks Linda. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find them as I unpack more boxes. My bedroom is a hodge podge of inherited items. Mostly from my great grandmother who lived on a river boat carrying freight up and down the river in the late 1800s. Grandma Mama was born on that boat.

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