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Darlene’s quilt finished

This is the last of the 2016 quilts.  Darlene spends the winter months away and is due back in March.  There was no hurry to finish it but now that its finished I’m anxious to get the 2017 quilts started.  I think it just took time for me to adjust to living in a new house and feel a desire to quilt again.  All photos should be clickable for a closer view of the stitching.


This one barely fit onto the machine and she wanted heavy custom with a neutral thread.  On the border I did piano key on the outside edge and leaves, grapes, and curls on the inside edge.


This is how the border looks on the back.


On the inside border I did a feather type design by not really a feather.


Here is a look at it on the back.


On the background of the applique blocks I did overlapping curls.  This was great practice for backtracking because each curl is completely backtracked.


This is how it looks on the back.  Lots of backtracking practice in there.


She asked for no stitching on the applique unless necessary.  I only stitched in places where it might wrinkle when washed.


This is how this block looks on the back.


Here is the sashing design.  Its a type of leaf vine design.


I didn’t get a photo of the sashing on the back.  And…. with that…. the 2016 quilts are finally finished.   I’m hoping I’ve worked out the kinks and quirks of starting my quilting service all over again.  The only way to know for sure is to put everything into use.


10 comments on “Darlene’s quilt finished

  1. Jane
    February 24, 2017

    Absolutely gorgeous! If that was my quilt I’d probably put it on the bed with the back up, just so I could admire the intricate quilting.

    • Anita
      February 24, 2017

      Thank you. Several customers use solid color backs for that very reason.

      • Jane
        February 24, 2017

        I’ve just read all your new quilting posts & I’m in awe. I do other types of needlework, but I’m not a quilter; I simply don’t have the talent or patience.

        • Anita
          February 26, 2017

          Yes, I’ve seen your work. I’m glad you are blogging again. I’m in awe of your soaps and knitted items. I know you sell the bees wax candles but do you sell bees wax pellets too?

          • Jane
            February 27, 2017

            I don’t make candles any more. Sorry! I guess it’s just as well that we don’t all do the same things. Being in awe is fun. 🙂

            • Anita
              February 27, 2017

              Thanks anyway. I was hoping I could send a purchase your way. I’m not going to make candles. I’m planning to make an old time bread cover.

              • Jane
                February 27, 2017

                You mean a waxed cloth bag? Have you done this before? I made a linen bread bag but it doesn’t keep the bread fresh at all. I’ll bet a waxed one would. I have a couple of waxed cloths (that I bought), but I don’t use them much any more as they don’t stick to the glass containers I use in the frig. I used to buy my beeswax from a local bee keeper. I guess you don’t have any in the city, though.

                • Anita
                  February 27, 2017

                  Yes, I am planning to make a waxed bag. or rather a waxed cloth wrap to cover my bread. I’ve not made one myself but I remember how my grandmother made them. It doesn’t keep the bread from going stale but it does delay it from happening so quick. If I’m remembering right. My memory is from childhood, many years ago. The closest bee keeper is over in the next county. I only see the keeper in the fall at the fair. I’ll probably order online. I just want to satisfy my curiosity.

  2. James Schaupp
    February 16, 2017

    What a beautifully quilted quilt! I love it! I knew you would get your “mojo” back!

    • Anita
      February 16, 2017

      Thanks. This area is saturated with quilters and I was worried about getting customers again. Now that I’m less stressed I actually look forward to a day of quilting instead of dreading it.

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