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Ann’s quilt finished


I finished Ann’s quilt yesterday but couldn’t get to the computer to write a post.  We are on baby watch.  It could happen at any day now.

It took a bit longer than I thought to do the quilting on this one because I spent time frog stitching a design I felt didn’t look right.  That design was nice but too dense for the area around it which caused the top to pucker.  This is the design for the outside border.

Its done with two colors of thread.  Click the photo for a closer look.  Here is another photo of the outside border.

This is the design I did on the blocks.  The curvy design provides a continuation of the swirls design.

On the shadow behind the boxes and the sashing between the blocks got straight lines.  The design I had chosen was much too dense and had started causing puckers.  After picking it out I went for the straight lines.

Quilting density should be kept as close to the same as possible.  So, it was easier to pick out the small amount of dense design than to pick out the whole quilt to start over.  A side effect was that the lines actually enhanced the piecing design elements.  Here is a look at the designs as seen from the back.

Ann’s quilt is now on its way home and I’m putting Linda’s on the machine.  I’m not sure how far I’ll get before baby arrives.  I will be spending a few days helping my daughter when she and baby come home.  Spanky is a handful by himself so she’s gonna need the extra help.  Ending this post now so I can get back to the machine.

3 comments on “Ann’s quilt finished

  1. Jasna
    March 27, 2017

    Lovely work! And congrats on the sweet new addtion to the family,

  2. jennyskip
    March 23, 2017


  3. Marilyn Foulke
    March 22, 2017

    Beautiful quilting!


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