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I thought I’d let folks know I’m working.  Long times between posts leaves people guessing.  Its better to see the progress than to be guessing.  This quilt is on the machine.  It’s Sheila’s quilt.  Yesterday I started very early, about 6:30.  I stabilize almost every quilt before I start the actual quilting.

Stabilizing is done by doing a stitch in the ditch in certain areas just to hold the layers together.  Its kind of like basting without having to remove it later.  The reason I choose to do the stabilizing before quilting is because I want the quilt to be as even and squared as possible before doing any design work.  If something is not quite right its much easier to pick out a line of stitching than it is to frog stitch a design.

On this quilt I’ve stitched along the edge of the dark side of the log cabin blocks.  Not around each piece but just along the diagonal.  This simply holds it together and is very different from the stitch in the ditch I get paid to do.  Many times I will only stitch in the ditch around the blocks and along the border.

I had the whole quilt stabilized by the end of my working day at 5 pm.  I’m confident I’ve gotten the quilt top as even as I can get it and its ready to start the design stitching today.  Stitching the freehand work will be much easier because I’ll be able to roll back and forth to complete designs without worry it will shift around on me.


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