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Heat wave

I should know better by now not to make any plans.  Plans always go wrong.  I had hoped to post more often to show my progress.  Like the rest of the country we have been experiencing a heat wave.   Humidity put the heat index between 103 and 107 several days in a row.  I’ve been quilting very early in the am then going to my survival room with the baby.  This house is not air conditioned but I have a small single room ac where I can shut the door to stay comfortable.  During the hot part of the day its too miserable to continue quilting or be cooking or be on the computer.

Sheila’s quilt on the machine is getting heavy custom work which is time consuming.  I don’t work on deadlines but I wanted everyone to know I’m working as fast as I can.  I wasn’t prepared for the heat wave because I hadn’t watched the news or the weather for several days.

The weather is going to be hot, humid, today with thunderstorms this afternoon.  The baby is at home because I have a doctor appointment.   This is a quick post before I head out to the bus stop just to let everyone know I’m ok.

Sheila sent me a cone of thread to use on her quilt that I’ve never used before.  Its Glide thread.  I had some doubts about using it with my Gammill but so far its working just fine with my machine.  Time now for me to go to the bus stop.


2 comments on “Heat wave

  1. Linda in NE
    July 27, 2017

    It’s been hot & humid here too the past couple weeks. Some heat indexes as high or higher than yours. Can you move your computer into your cool room? At least that way you could do computer work.

    Beautiful quilting on that quilt. I just started using Glide. It sews nice on my Gammill as well. I did have to tighten up the tension just a little. The best part is very little to no lint.

    • Anita
      July 27, 2017

      Unfortunately the computer is an old tower one and there is only one phone connection in the house. I had a used lap top for awhile. A gift from one of the frugal living readers. It died and would cost more to fix than a new one. I had three different computer techs look at it. All of them said the same thing. Unless someone gifts me with another used lap top I must rely on the tower computer.

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