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Its fair time already

I was only faintly aware of time passing.  It was sort of along the lines of background noise for me.  I was aware of it but not really paying attention.  Know what I mean?  I was busy catching up with quilting work after the two surgeries and also baby sitting full time with the newest grandchild.  Suddenly the hang tags arrived in the mail.  YIKES!!  I haven’t even thought about my entry since sending in the form.  I have eight days to get something ready.  That includes a hanging sleeve.

I’d already made up my mind that this will be the last year I’m entering something.  Years ago entering quilts in the fair was important for my business.  I got lots of work as a result of quilters seeing my work hanging there.  A couple of blue ribbons and a best of show award started the work coming in and it was great.  Each year new ribbons meant newer customers and lots more work along with lots more stress. Getting ribbons is no longer as important because I’m slowly winding down my business.

There is always a crunch of work to finish during August.  I never really knew why August was so popular.  August is also the month when I only work the first two weeks.  The second two weeks are devoted to being at the fair with my SIL and/or my grands.  Its the closest thing I get to being a vacation before the Christmas rush.  Hmm… it occurred to me that I won’t have a Christmas rush this year.  I stopped doing rush quilting last year.  That’s a happy thought.

Ann’s quilt is on the machine being stabilized.  The SC ladies do such great applique work.

I’ve started a small quilt for the fair.  I’ll work on Ann’s while the baby is sleeping and work on the fair quilt in the evening.  As I’m not trying to win a ribbon anymore I can relax and simply enjoy the process.   I guess my break is over.  Time for me to get back to the baby, I hear her starting to wake up.  She’ll be ready for a bottle.

I call her smiley face and sometimes I shorten it to emoji.

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