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They walk among us

IDIOT SIGHTING I handed the teller at my bank a withdrawal slip for $400.  I said “May I have large bills please.”  She looked at me and said, “I’m sorry … Continue reading

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June 13, 2013 · 6 Comments

My next life?

In this life I am a woman.  In my next life I plan to come back as a bear.  When you’re a bear you get to hibernate.  You get to … Continue reading

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February 24, 2013 · 5 Comments

Your kidding. Right?

On my last shopping trip I happened to be at the meat counter of a local grocery.  Another lady and I had quite a conversation about the rising cost of … Continue reading

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September 20, 2012 · 12 Comments

Ladybug says

My daughter has been walking daily for exercise.  Ladybug goes too.  Ladybug is four.  Yesterday Ladybug called to tell me about their walk.  The conversation went like this…. Na Na … Continue reading

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June 11, 2012 · 1 Comment

Retired husband

CAUTION:  Ladies don’t let your husband read this post because it might give him ideas. After my brother retired my Sister-in-law insisted he start taking her shopping at a local … Continue reading

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January 1, 2012 · 10 Comments


Quilting often gives me lots of thinking time.  This morning, as I was working on the next quilt, this was on my mind. You ever seen those little symbols near … Continue reading

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August 30, 2011 · 9 Comments

Ladybug help

It goes like this: I’m spending some quality time with Ladybug while The Mommie is getting her shopping done.   While Ladybug is down for a short nap I get … Continue reading

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August 27, 2011 · 3 Comments

Dirty dishes

Thank God for dirty dishes. My dirty dishes have a tale to tell.  While there are some folks who go hungry, I’ve eaten very well.  With home, health, and happiness, I shouldn’t … Continue reading

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September 16, 2010 · 1 Comment

The perfect excuse for a fabric stash

Ok, I have the perfect excuse for hoarding fabrics and crafting supplies. The more you have the better. There is a wall behind these shelves. So let me explain how … Continue reading

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March 22, 2009 · 1 Comment

Interesting idea

A man staggers into his home panting, sweating, and exhausted. His wife looks at him with concern and asks…. what’s wrong honey? The man smiles and says…. I just ran … Continue reading

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January 26, 2009

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