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On this page you’ll find a description of the types of quilting I do and the price.  Examples of my work can be seen by clicking on any of the “quilts finished” links on the left side.

My machine is hand guided.  I can’t quilt as precise as a computer so there will be slight differences and imperfections in the stitching of the designs. Any lump or bump in a seam line or under applique may cause the machine to wobble slightly.

I use a quality thin mono-filament thread to stitch in the ditch around the blocks or around large applique just to stabilize the quilt.  I do this to assure myself the quilt is as straight as I can make it before starting the quilting.  Mono-filament thread minimizes the visibility of any wobbles along the ditch line or around applique.

ME AND MS X or MR Y:  Being a professional quilter is very challenging when a potential customer declares my prices are too expensive as compared to those of Ms X quilter and Mr Y quilter.  What that potential customer doesn’t realize is that there are major differences between the quilting of Ms X, Mr Y, and me.  Ms. X doesn’t care if she earns any money because she quilts only to make herself happy while occasionally doing one for someone else.  Mr Y is just starting his quilting service and wants to attract some customers with lower prices.  I’ve invested a lot of money in equipment, classes, books, dvds, tools, and research to learn my skills.  I continually invest to keep up to date and improve my talent.   I don’t lower my prices to compete with beginner level quality or a hobbyist.

TURN AROUND TIME:  Many professional quilters keep quilts for really long periods of time.  I DO NOT.  I prefer that your quilt stays safely in your own care except for the short time while I quilt it for you.  Until then I have nothing but your name on a list.  I cannot give a definite length of time as the quilts and quilting are so variable.  A link to my waiting list is on the left side for you to view whenever.  I will contact you when its time to ship or bring your quilt to me.  Before sending or bringing your quilt please read Preparing your quilt.

RUSH ORDERS:  I don’t do rush orders.

QUILTING FOR CHARITY:  I don’t do charity quilting.  Just for fun here is a link to a cute video about giving to charity.   The truth about charitable giving.

QUILT BASTING:  I don’t baste quilts for hand quilters.

DESIGN CHOICES:  Some people give me permission to choose the designs for their quilt.  If you prefer more hands on design choices please let me know and be very specific.

MARKING QUILTS:  I prefer to not mark quilts other than an occasional guideline with quilter’s chalk or air erasable pen.  If you have a stencil design you would like quilted in a specific area please mark it yourself with your preferred method.  Be sure it’s marked so it won’t bounce off during the quilting.

MAXIMUM QUILT SIZE:  The maximum size quilt top for my machine is 110 inches with a backing of 118 inches.  Keep in mind that the larger your quilt top the higher the final cost because obviously there are more square inches.

QUILTS WITH ISSUES:  IE:  Those inherited tops, the lovely beginner tops, the “what was I thinking” tops, and of course those “you can quilt that out can’t you” tops.  I love them!  They are my favorite tops to quilt.   If another professional quilter has turned you down please consider letting me quilt it.

KNOW QUILTING COST RIGHT AWAY:  Some of my local customers liked knowing what the quilting would cost at the time they brought me their quilt.  I can do this for the out of town customers too.  Just tell me the length and width of your top and the quilting choice and I’ll figure it up for you and give you an estimate.

QUESTIONS?  Please email me.

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Minimum charge is forty dollars.

Pantograph (edge to edge) – Two cents per square inch – this is for those utility quilts you don’t want to put a lot of money into quilting.  At this time I have a limited number of six generic pantographs that work really well for utility quilts.  These designs are stitched in rows without regard to piecing.  May include one separate border design.

Light meandering – Two and a half cents per square inch – this would be a larger plain meandering (squiggly lines) of about 3 or 4 inches apart. Includes one border design.

Meandering with a design or overall – Three cents per square inch –  Meandering does not always mean just squiggly lines.  If requested I can add a free form design (such as flowers or stars or leaves) among the meandering lines.   The possibilities are numerous.  There are also many suitable overall designs which work well too.  Overall designs are sometimes referred to as background design.

Simple custom – Three and a half cents per square inch – this would be no ruler work or stitch in the ditch other than to stabilize the quilt.  This includes one individual outside border design, one sashing design, and one block design.

Medium custom – Four cents per square inch –  the most popular and most requested.  This type includes stitch in the ditch around the blocks and/or around applique,  minimal ruler work, may include more than one block design, tops with more than one border.  Sampler tops fall into this category because they require a different custom design in each block.

Heavy custom – Eight cents per square inch –  this is a dense type quilting with lots of ruler work, including stitch in the ditch, dense background stitching, specialty feathers, larger cross hatching, and straight lines at least an inch apart.

Pre-marked tops or whole cloth tops – contact me for price.

Heirloom – This is often referred to as “stitched to death” quilting.  Please contact me for price.

Piecing batting – Twenty five dollars per seam

Piecing backing – Fifteen dollars per seam

Making binding from your fabric –  I don’t make binding.

Pressing quilt backing – Thirty dollars – The backing should be flat enough for it to roll smoothly on the bars of the machine.  It doesn’t need to be perfectly pressed, just flat.  I realize extra large backings are difficult to press so I offer this service.

Pressing tops – I don’t press tops.  Your top will be quilted the way it’s received but I do keep it as smooth and squared as possible.

Minky backing – I can’t quilt minky.

Batting – You need to furnish your own batting.   It must be at least 4 inches larger than your top all the way around.  Please don’t buy the cheap stuff meant for crafting.  I can quilt it but you won’t like the results.

Shipping – billed at actual cost.  Use your own preferred way to ship a quilt to me.  If possible please provide me with a tracking number in case I need to change to an alternative delivery time.  I use USPS priority shipping to return your quilt.  If you want it insured please let me know.

Thread – Seven dollars per quilt

Specialty threads (ie variegated, silks, etc) At this time I don’t have any specialty threads.  You are welcome to bring (or send) thread you purchase.  Please contact me for specific information about what works with my machine.

Binding I don’t do binding at this time but may offer this service at a later date.

Making payment –  I require a forty dollar deposit when you bring or ship your quilt to me.  I accept cash or checks.  No credit or debit cards.

If you have questions or wish to be added to my waiting list please email me at


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