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Quilts finished in 2014

This is a list of the quilts I finish in 2014.

Click on any photo to be taken to the original post to see more photos and details about the quilting I did.   

#1 Ann’s wool applique (February)

Quilts and quilting 2014 029

#2 Ann’s snow people quilt (February)

Quilts and quilting 2014 022

#3 One for me charity quilt (February)

Quilts and quilting 2014 051

#4 Needa’s quilt (March)

Bobby's quilts 2014 011

$5 Bobby J’s stocking table topper (April)

Bobby's quilts 2014 010

# 6 Bobby J’s Bunny bloom table topper (April)

Bobby's quilt 2014 013

#7 Bobby J’s kissing bunnies quilt (April)

Bobby's quilts 2014 003

#8 Bobby J’s quilt stores she visited quilt (April)

Quilts and quilting 2014 070

#9 Nancy’s quilt for great granddaughter (April)

#10 Ruth's quilt

#10 Ruth’s quilt (March)

Sheila's memory quilt 013

#11 Sheila’s memory quilt (April)

Ann's blue & white quilt 001

#12 Ann’s Grandma and Me quilt (May)

May 2014 001

#13 Joanne’s quilt (May)

# 14 Jeanine’s modern Christmas quilt (May)

# 14 Sheila's monster trucks quilt

# 15 Sheila’s monster trucks quilt (June)

Neda's quilt 012

#16 Neda’s touch of red quilt (June)

Art journey 2014 009

#17 Nancy’s fair entry (July)

Art journey 2014 019

#18 My fair entry (August)

2 comments on “Quilts finished in 2014

  1. Sara
    March 3, 2015

    I am new to your blog. I have read both the quilting and the frugal blog. I just love them. In an earlier post you had mentioned what to do with extra quilts….long story start… brother who had developed brain cancer had to go to a nursing home after surgery the week he arrived an older woman brought him in a quilt with his name sewed into it. He loved that quilt he said it reminded him of mom. He came to live with me shortly after and passed with my family around him. I still have that quilt. Crying now. Maybe you could bless a family of a cancer patient or a nursing home resident. I seen so many sitting outside of their rooms with no blankets laid in their laps.

    • Na Na
      March 3, 2015

      I do make charity quilts quite often. I donated only 6 last year but hope to do more this year since I’m no longer working full time. I make quilts for homeless men and for nursing home residents too. I also donate to other causes. For example when someone is trying to raise money for a cause that is on a news report. A cause like a family burned out. A person needing a medical procedure. Or something like that. I donate a quilt that I always sign as {A. Nony Mouse} to be used as a raffle item. One of my past charity quilts raised seven thousand dollars for the down payment on a mobile spay and neuter clinic.

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