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First quilts this year

I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays and you are staying safe, warm, and happy.
It’s said that whatever you do on the first of the year, that’s what you will be doing for the whole year.  Well, I spent the day quilting, organizing, and cleaning.   Here’s the first two quilts of this year.
I did a swag design on the border and line dancing on the blocks.  This is a backward pieced quilt I made several months ago.  Hmm…. maybe more than a year ago?  It’s now ready to be bound and put away for charity next Christmas.  As Kathi would tell me…. done is good.
Here’s the next quilt finished, ready to be bound and put away for charity.
I did a curling feather design on the outside border and le lace on the inside border.
Here’s another view of the feather.
I did a line danced butterfly on the blocks.
I’ve been cleaning, organizing, cooking premade meals to freeze, and writing posts on my blog over the last month.  I’ve really enjoyed my time away from a quilting schedule.  I feel refreshed and ready for a new year.  I’ve started a year long house clean out journey.  I plan to clear out some of my STUFF every week until there’s room for furniture again.  I’m hoping that by this time next year enough will be cleaned out that I actually feel I’m living in a home rather than one large quilting studio or in a garage.
My mother is still in the hospital in Indiana.  She grows more feeble everyday yet thinks nothing is wrong.  Both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing that she doesn’t recognize how serious her health is and a curse because she says I’ve put her in prison and I won’t help her get out.
Today I plan to clean my design walls and start clearing out some of the clutter in the studio.  After that I’ll probably put the first customer quilt on the machine.

One comment on “First quilts this year

  1. kathi
    January 6, 2011

    loveeeee the feathers. and yup. DONE IS GOOD.
    you are doing the BEST for your mom. She is in THE BEST place for her to be given GOOD care. DON'T LET HER GUILT YOU.. my parents were EXPERTS at that. and LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GOOD FRIEND.

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