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I want one!

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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a morning cutting fabric with two really nice ladies. One of them had a GO cutter which we used to cut some of my scrap fabrics.

Organizing 2015 017I had never used one before so I asked her to work with me.  I was terrified I would break it or something and have to replace it, which I couldn’t afford.  I loved it.  I really wish I could afford one but I can’t.  $250 for the go cutter and then the cost of the individual dies at about $100 each is way beyond my budget.  I like the industrial one best but it is $500.

I will continue to cut my fabric the old fashioned way.

My quilts 2015 030Umm…. not that far back.  A little more modern than that.

My quilts 2015 031

Yeah, that’s better.  A little easier than the early days and not quite the present ease of modern appliances.  Oh my, what would our ancestors think of the way our quilts are made these days.  Quilting is no longer the simple act of being very frugal.  Today making quilts is almost all commercialism of the craft. Sort of like the way holidays have become all about the money instead of the original reason.

Ok, I best get off the computer before this post becomes a rant against commercialism.

Health update

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I got a great report from my doctor at the last appointment. My doctor says she is proud of me.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a doctor tell me that before.  I’ve gone from 237 pounds to 185.  My A1C was at 10.6 this time last year and its now 8.4 according to my last blood test a month ago.  Under 7 is my goal?  My heart is ok.  The damage can’t be undone but I can prevent further damage.  I’ve learned how to prevent over extending myself.  I haven’t had any of the flu like symptoms (which were signs of my heart stress) in many months.

Ann's blue & white quilt 002The doctor says it would be ok to go back to quilting for a living provided I don’t start working 16 hour days anymore and I keep doing as well as I’m doing with my diet.  In fact she is encouraging me and believes it would be good exercise.  Quilting requires walking 12 feet back and forth along the table which can add up to quite alot of walking.  She says she will know if I’m not doing what I’m advised to do. The tests will tell on me.

Neda's quilt 002

So what now?  I didn’t have customers anymore.  I took a bunch of my business cards to the Louisville Quilters Day Out event and handed them to people I met at the show.  Several said they plan to bring me work but I’m not so sure they will.  One person has actually brought me two quilt tops to quilt.

I’m very happy to be getting work again.  Working on my own quilts was ok but not the same as working on quilts that help my budget.  If I can get three or four tops to custom quilt each month it would be just about right.  I wouldn’t be overdoing the work and it sure would help pay the bills.

Quilts 2013 090When I was at the show I told people I wanted the worst quilts brought to me to work on.  Bring me the tops that other quilters turn down as too difficult.  Give me the tops with D-cup centers or the extremely friendly borders.  Give me the tops with the seams that don’t always hold together or the tops that have never seen an iron.  Give me the beginner quilt tops with the mismatched corners and the cut off points. No one believes me but its true.  Why?  Ok I’ll tell you.  Those type tops challenge me.   The perfect quilt tops intimidate me.  With perfect tops I must also be perfect and I get stressed.  With imperfect quilts I can be free to relax and have fun with a design.  Like this one.

Quilts and quilting 2014 002Ok, enough time on the computer today.  I need to go listen to a couple of quilt tops.  I think they are talking to me about what design to put on them.  It will be a few days before I start the quilting.  I ordered the batting and it will take a few days to arrive.

Metro Wedding Ring Tips

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Fair 2013 010

I added the button at the top of my blog for ease in locating the tips I wrote about using the Metro Wedding Ring pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  The button brings up the posts but they are backward so to read from the beginning you need to scroll down to the bottom to read the first post then scroll up for the second and the third.  All photos should be clickable to make them larger if you need to see more details.  I plan to do another one of these soon so there might be more tips when I do that one.  If it doesn’t work correctly please let me know and I’ll try to fix it.


Quilter’s day out

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My SIL and I went to the Louisville Quilter’s Day Out last Saturday.  I didn’t have a quilt in the show this year because it slipped my mind.  I plan to have one in next year’s show though.  The show is small. Only about 20 entries.  I failed to take photos of some.  Winners are chosen by viewer votes.

Quilters day out 2015 016 Quilters day out 2015 015 Quilters day out 2015 014 Quilters day out 2015 011 Quilters day out 2015 010 Quilters day out 2015 009 Quilters day out 2015 008 Quilters day out 2015 007 Quilters day out 2015 006 Quilters day out 2015 005 Quilters day out 2015 004 Quilters day out 2015 003 Quilters day out 2015 002 Quilters day out 2015 001 Quilters day out 2015 017

Organizing my blog

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I’ve been trying to decide how to organize my blog and clean up the mess it has become.  I can’t remember exactly; but, I believe I first started writing posts in either 2004 or 2005 using Blogger.  A few years later I switched to using WordPress due to many frustrations with Blogger.  In the transition from Blogger to WordPress I lost many, many photos.  I can’t possibly put all those photos back again.

Over the next month or so I’ll be deleting many posts and hopefully streamlining this blog to be for quilting only.  I wish there was a way to transfer individual posts from one blog to another but there isn’t.  I was very careful about deleting the photos from my old PIGS and PHD list from last year.  I put up a new PIGS and PHD list today for this year.  I’m only a couple of months late getting that done.  Geeze, I seem to be very slow these days.  It should have been ready the first week of January. Ok, it does look a lot like a January day outside with 12 inches of snow on my lawn.  Hey, if Mother Nature can be late bringing Spring, I can be late typing up a UFO list. :-)

Neighborhood 2015 015It will be a little sad to see the older posts disappear completely.  But, thats a part of me clearing my house and life of excess STUFF.  Why keep old posts that are no longer useful.  They serve no purpose other than as a memory aid for myself.  So, if my blog starts to look a little strange it will be because I’m busy deleting STUFF from it.



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